31 July 2008

Cannot Remove NoFollow from Classic Blogger Layout

I have just discovered that it is currently impossible to remove nofollow from the classic blogger layout. "It is impossible, at this time, to remove NoFollow from Classic styled Blogger templates. This is due to the fact that those templates use the variable {$CommentAuthorName$} which encapsulates the anchor link around linking text."1 (article dated 17 May 2007) Since that is the layout I am currently using, I can no longer have the "u comment I follow" button on my sidebar. I am very sorry, I assumed that removing the code from the template would work, but in the classic blogger layout, it does not. I want to thank atniz for bringing this to my attention. I researched and found out how to check for the nofollow in the source code of the comments page. I found that the nofollow attribute was present. Since I had removed it from the HTML, I next searched to find out "how to remove nofollow from the classic blogger template," and I found the above referenced information. Once I switch to the new blogger styled layout and am sure that it works, I will let you know.
Once again, I apologize for this, in my research, I did not come across this problem.



  1. Thanks again for letting me know. I will continue to try and find a way to do it, but I may end up going to the new blogger layout. I don't use it now, because I am learning HTML and the classic layout lets me play around a lot more.

  2. I'm using NVU editor which you can find it at http://nvu.com it is free. I've been using as html converter for 2 years now. It is really helpful when it comes to html coding. You can just type and design anything and you will get the codes in html. It is simpler than other software around. Try it. I'm sure you will like it too.

  3. Thanks. I'll go check it out.

  4. @atniz: I am the writer of the articles (there is a third for FTP Classic Blogger too) that Tahtimbo mentioned in the post.

    Both of the example links you provided are nofollow. For more information, see my Clarification of NoFollow Hacks for Blogger

    @tahtimbo: Thanks for the mention, and I understand your dilemma. Blogger is pretty much anal when it comes to Nofollow on Comments and making us jump through hoops to get it removed.

    If you can get your own web hosting, then you have your Classic and Dofollow too! If you cannot afford it though, there are some free web hosting options out there. Just look around.

    As for Html Editors, I have used HTML Kit for several years. It is FREE, and hands-down the best editor that money cannot buy.

    Another Editor I am using (because I am into working with Zend Framework) is Eclipse primarily for its project helpers and code folding capabilities.

  5. ronnie @ tips for blogspot:Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check those out. As for switching, I'm too cheap to do that at this point, but I am in the process of setting-up a new template in the new blogger layout. I just hate having to work with those widgets! If I want to put something where they won't let me, I have to create a widget for it. This means I have to learn now to do it. I think I have it, but we'll see. Thanks again for the tips.

  6. I absolutely love the photos in your new post. The purrminator - awesome lol

    Regarding dofollow, the more bloggers who use dofillow the better. Perhaps shifting from blogger to worpress is a viable solution for you

    Here are some simple instructions for implementing dofollow


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  7. solreka:Glad you liked the pictures! With regards to the DoFollow, I broke down and changed over to the new layout, which allows you to remove the NoFollow attribute, which I have done. I am very tempted to change over to Wordpress. Is it a free service or do you have to pay?

  8. @tahtimbo - Wordpress has free hosting (via wordpress.com) but you cannot use it with ad/affiliate links. This is against the TOS.

    You can set up Wordpress on your own server and run it as you see fit however.

    Since you are running ads on this blog, I suggest that you stick with Blogspot.

  9. Ronnie: Thank you for the advice. I broke down and I've upgraded to the new layout. It was just a matter of getting used to working with the widgets. This being the case, I was able to remove the NoFollow tags. Thanks again for your advice.

  10. Thanks for a great tip. Nofollow in effect stifles the incentive to comment and socialise. I noticed you have a 'u comment, I follow' banner. I think that it is great to advertise the fact that you have this enabled to encourage dicsussion. Would appreciate where to get this.

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