23 October 2008

Friday Fotos

photo of a sign with a guy in a wheelchair going down a hill towards a crock
courtesy of... tularecounty.com

Another Reason to Not Park in Front of a Hydrant...
photo of a car parked in front of a hydrant with fire hose running through it
courtesy of... http://www.loldose.com/funny-pictures/emergency.jpg/view....page not found, so link is deactivated

Whatever you Do, Don't Look Behind You...
photo of an evil-looking seal
courtesy of... www.pelapapas.com

You Can't Pin This One on Me, Copper...
photo of a cat as a mugshot
courtesy of... photobucket.com


  1. hehehhhe Pelapapas page is Mexican ;)

    aaaaaay another picture of koko pleaseeee!

    See ya :D

  2. Gaolga: I didn't know that. Yes, I'll post some more pictures of Koko very soon. You know, he's going to get a big head now:)

  3. More crazy photos! Thanks again for the chuckle!

  4. BeadedTail: You are very welcome. Have a great weekend:-)

  5. Great pics!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Lea: Thank you very much. You have a great weekend, too:)

    Jaya: Classic, isn't it. The cat has just the right attitude:-)

    Furkidsmom: Thank you:)

    Gandalf and Grayson: I know! Where I grew up, Stockton, California, if this happened, in addition to the ticket, the fire truck would ram the car out of the way and then send the owner a bill for the damages to the fire truck. (My friends' dad was a firefighter).

  7. chronic chick talk: Yeah, he was a bad kitty. Don't worry about it, my last one took 2 weeks:-)

  8. This is funny - I remember making a comment on this post but I guess something went awry!

    I believe I said how the cat in that last picture really *does look like he has an attitude!

    You are such a good friend! We just read what you wrote on my blog and want to tell you how touched we are. Yes ... I know we're *touched, but you know what I mean ... ! ;-)

    We'll be visiting here, too. For sure. :)

  9. great photos.I really like the seal one!

  10. Lux: Blogger was having issues all last week. I was even having trouble trying to upload the pictures. I am so close to moving to Wordpress The only thing that stops me, is my inherent cheapness.
    Lux, you take care of yourself and your mom. Keep taking the icky pink stuff and get better soon. Koko and I will be visiting soon, so we'll see you later :-)

    Mike Golch: Thanks. I know, that seal looks evil:)

  11. i love the cat and seal photo. thanks for sharing.

  12. Liza: You're welcome and thanks for stopping by;)

  13. Hah! I love that kitty mug shot!!

    (Dead link removed. Comment originally made on...October 25, 2008 2:24 AM)

  14. I love the cat. He/she definitely has personality. I always enjoy your pictures. Your stories are great too. :) Have a great weekend!

    (Broken link repaired. Comment originally made on...October 24, 2008 2:15 PM)

  15. Hmm kitty line up :)

    I have posted the award now :) took me a while :)

    (Broken link repaired. Comment originally made on...October 25, 2008 1:21 PM)

  16. Gandalf and Grayson said...

    Hope the dum dum who parked in front of the fire hydrant won't be needing his car any time soon.

    Edited to remove dead/broken link. Comment originally made on...25 October, 2008 09:28


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