13 November 2008

Fotos for Friday 11/14

What Cats Do on Vacation...
photo of a cat skiing
courtesy of... generallyawesome.com

Kitty T.V...
photo of a 4 cats looking out a window at two pigeons


  1. We love the skiing kitty!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Thanks for the laugh--these pictures are very funny! I especially like the one with the sign about the dam.

  3. Funny photos! My cats look just like that when watching birdies!

  4. Gandalf and Grayson: We have a feeder outside our patio door, so Koko can lay there and watch. It's really funny when the ducks come...he just goes into stalker mode.

    Furkidsmom: He skis better than I do:)

    Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry": That one is one of my favorites too. Have a great weekend:)

    BeadedTail: Thanks. I know, it's fun to watch them:)

  5. Hey, I wonder if *I could ski!

    Thanks so much for all your visits - I'm eating pretty well now. But I found out my furs were stolen!

  6. Lux: I enjoy dropping by to visit all of you. I am very glad you are eating well. Your furs stolen? I would check and make sure there are no new gloves lying around :)

  7. Okie dokie now I am really really mad. I have been baited my blue jays for a month now. And it's all I can do to get a picture of them through my window. And certainly not an open window with 4 cats staring at them.

    LOL...very cute. thanks for making my day. Oh yes Puma really loved seeing the birds!!:-))))

  8. Shinade: I know exactly what you mean. They seem to KNOW when you are going to take a picture. I guess it's a bird thing. Koko loves to watch them as well. Glad you liked the picture:)

  9. the first one is photoshopped i recently say a pic EXACTLLY like that one except for the cat was at the beach and was making a splash and anyways the bodyparts dont work for skiis

    (Dead link removed. Comment originally made on...November 16, 2008 7:07 PM)

  10. Gandalf and Grayson25 December, 2010 15:27

    Bird Watching is one of our favorite sports, too!

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally published on...
    14 November, 2008 03:21


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