20 December 2008

Eyeglasses That Won't Bust Your Budget

Three years ago, I was sitting on my bed and cleaning my glasses. I got up to put the cleaning cloth away and sat back down- right onto my glasses. Well, since we were short on cash, we decided to go to one of those places that advertise cheap eyeglasses. You know the ones; they have the eye doctor on one end and the showroom on the other. Well, after spending $60.00 for the doctor visit, we went over to the other side to get my new eyeglasses. I picked out the frame: $30.00. Then came the add-ons: anti-scratch coating, UV Protection coating, and anti-reflective coating. I also wanted to get a pair of sunglasses as well, so add another $50.00 to the bill. All told, I paid over $245.00 for my cheap prescription eyeglasses. Not so cheap, huh?

Now, three years later I need to get a new pair of eyeglasses and you can be sure that I will not be returning to that store. With the state of our current economy and with the average price for prescription glasses being $140.00, this time I’ll be heading over to Optical4less. They have eyeglasses starting from only $15.00 and since they have been in business for 23 years, you know they offer quality eye-wear and service. Do you recall all those extras that I had, especially the expensive anti-reflective coating, well they’re free.

If you’re wondering how you will look in your new glasses, not to worry. With their Virtual try-on System, all you do is upload a picture of yourself and you can see what you will look like in a variety of different frames. In addition, if you buy more than one set, for example, I will be adding a pair of sunglasses to my order, you get free world-wide shipping. This was what clinched the deal for me; just have your prescription ready and follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can have your new glasses in about a week.


  1. Informative entry. Love your blog. And the Trial offer is awesome.

  2. Mom wanted to try zenni optical. She got a little confused about the measurements though.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Great information! I had no idea about buying eyeglasses online so thanks for the info!

  4. Nilz: Thank you very much:)

    Furkidsmom: I went I looked at the measurements. If it is the same thing that I am looking at now, it seems to be the dimensions, in metric, of the different angles of the lenses and various portions of the frame. For example, the distance across the nose-bridge is 15mm across. If you have a metric tape measure, you can measure each angle on the glasses you currently have and compare them to the measurements given in the diagram. I hope this helps answer your question, if not please let me know:-)

    BeadedTail: Thank you. You're welcome for the info:)

    Dori: Thank you:-)

    Jaya: You're welcome. I'm glad I could help:)

  5. Thanks for this. I really need new glasses, and I'm going to check out Optical4less!

    (Dead link removed. Comment originally made on...December 21, 2008 10:56 AM)


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