09 December 2008

Food Commercials and Diets

photo of Koko in blanketsEver notice that when you are on a diet, all the commercials are about food? I'm sitting here writing this and they are showing a Pizza Hut commercial and guess what, I'm drooling. I mean, I don't even like Pizza Hut. Their pizza tastes like cardboard with a real bad sauce. Now, if you want a real good pizza, you need to try Chicago Connection. They are a local outfit, but their pizza is out of this world. I get salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, garlic (they sprinkle fresh minced garlic over the entire pizza), and extra cheese. This thing comes uncut and piping hot. After you slice the pizza and place a slice on your plate, your plate is just covered in grease (just the way I like it), which could explain one reason I am on this diet in the first place.

If that is not enough, I try and escape to the relative safety of the Internet and visit my favorite sites. While dropping, I am again accosted with lip-smacking recipes and hi-resolution photographs of food. Now, you know who you are, because I commented on your sites and let you know that you are torturing this poor soul. I need to ask myself, is there anyplace that is safe from the influx of these tantalizing and outright cruel commercials?

Another thing that is perplexing, is why in the world I am even writing about this? All I am doing is torturing myself. This is even worse than watching those commercials or drooling over my wonderful, stretchy-cheese-laden, garlic-sprinkled, Chicago Connection Pizza (notice that I even capitalize the word PIZZA).

Now that I'm hungry, I should go into the kitchen and have a nice, crunchy celery stick; only I like to put peanut Butter on them, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of the celery stick. Okay, how about a nice bowl of steamed vegetables? Again, I like to top them with my patented garlic butter (minced garlic mixed in butter).Again, purpose defeated. Oh well, I guess I'll just turn the television and computer off and stare at the cat, who is staring at me...who will win??


  1. Hi there,
    I had to download from Norton the antibot and I had to run the yahoo spyware. This bug was a real pain. The best spyware software I've used is spybot at spybot.com. The norton antibot is free for 15 days. This bug would lock up my browser as well. I read somewhere you should rename your spy software so these bots can't stop them from running. I think there is a card on entrecard that sends you to a yellow page ad.I've ran into that a few times. But this thing sent me to a bunch of ads then locked everything up. It was a nightmare :( But I think its fixed.

    Ms Recipe
    Ask Ms Recipe

  2. Just reading your entry is making me hungry! And I'm supposed to be on a diet... but since it's the holidays, everyone can get away with a few pounds. I agree, I don't like Pizza hut that much, it's good the first few minutes but it kinda tastes like cardboard when it cools down.

    I'm inclined to bet on Koko... :D But who won?

  3. I know what you mean about the commercials and some blogs making you hungry. It's really hard to resist temptation. Your garlic butter sounds so good too.
    I guess diets have never worked for me. I eat what I want and exercise more.

  4. Ask Ms Recipe: I want to thank you for your help. I went to spybot and downloaded it. Hopefully it will help fix the problem as I had over 200 "visitors" in my computer. I've had my browser lock up several times, but I always thought it was Firefox. I hope your computer is fixed and thanks again for your help:)

    Waffle: I had trouble writing it. I really miss that pizza and it has been over a year and a half since I have had any. Oh, Koko won:-)

    Mountain Woman: The garlic butter is really good, especially after a few days. Once I lose the weight I need to lose, I will probably adopt your style of eating and exercising:)

  5. You've just made me dribble down my jumper reading your blog!

  6. Totally tooooo funny! And I don't even like pizza!!! But how about spaghetti aglio olio????? or plain old spaghetti with oil and garlic? The parsley makes it healthy. Honest. Would I lie?

  7. Martin in Bulgaria: You just made my day:)

    Jan: I love spaghetti! I usually use my own spaghetti sauce, but I would love to try it with oil and LOTS of garlic. I thought parsley was there to just add color?(just kidding)

  8. Awww....Mom's drooling again.

    Ms Recipe's post made me wonder if you picked up a virus/malware dropping. I did the other day and am having a horrible time getting rid of it even after running anti-virus.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. I'm betting that Koko won the staring contest!

  10. My mom recommends Cipro if you'd like to lose your appetite real quick. :-/

    She's not taking it anymore, but her tummy's still not back to normal.

    Food - yuk, she says.

  11. P.S. I'm betting on Koko! :)

  12. Furkidsmom: I think so too, so I went and downloaded Spybot and ran it...over 200 little unwanted visitors:(

    BeadedTail: You, he won and is still gloating about it:-)

    Lux: No thanks, that really doesn't sound fun. My wife had to take it several years ago and it took a few days to get back to normal. My wife says to eat cultured yogurt...that should help.
    Oh, Koko won:)

  13. Thanks for the yogurt tip - actually Mom kept meaning to buy some but kept forgetting. It's never too late! ;-)

  14. Lux: You're welcome, I know what you mean, I have to write a note to remind me to get something and then I forget to bring the note. Hope you feel better soon:)


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