26 December 2008

Satire for Saturday

I know I'm a day late, but here are the regular Friday Photos...

picture of a moose head-butting a car sign
courtesy of... wvstreets.com

Great Sense of Humor...
photo of a seized drug dealers car being used by police
courtesy of... ggpht.com

To Think I've Been Drinking the Regular Stuff with All Those Calories...
photo of bottles of diet water
courtesy of... innocentenglish.com (removed dead link)

Explain This to Your Insurance Company...
photo of a giant cat eating a car
courtesy of... ninjapants.org


  1. hahaha those were fantastic! I'm not sure which was my favorite but I definitely LOL at all of them! Thanks for cheering up my saturday morning!

  2. The Diet Water is my favorite! These are great pics.

  3. Stiletto Sports Jen: You are very welcome. I'm glad I could make you smile. Enjoy the weekend, I'm off to shovel snow:)

    Lidian: I think I need to start drinking that stuff, too many calories in the regular water:-)
    Have a great weekend!


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