15 December 2008

Shoveling Snow or NordicTrak?

photo of scared kittyWarning: reading the following post is the intellectual equivalent of watching the TeleTubbies. At the end of this "article", I explain what has me preoccupied. So unless you are bored, there is no need to comment on how horrible this is or how your brain is on fire or that this is the worst drivel you have ever read since you learned how to read, because I know it's bad. Anyway, I apologize and will try to be back on track shortly.

You know how much I love my NordicTrak, right? I quiver in anticipation when I climb onto the ski machine, step onto the tracks, and begin my 25 minute trek to nowhere. I pine for those L-O-N-G minutes of gazing out the bedroom window and watching the squirrels burying their new-found treasure. What should I do? NordicTrak or shovel snow? Tough decision, I know. Yeah, real tough...throwing my clothes over the NordicTrak, I...

When I decided to shovel our driveway, it was still snowing, the temperature was 25 degrees, and there was a light breeze. Perfect weather for a good workout. Yes, that's the way I see this, as a workout. I try to not only shovel the snow, but to scrape the ice granules as well. This gives me a more intense exercise experience. I look upon it as killing two birds with one stone; I get a great workout and do something constructive at the same time.

Our house is located on the corner, so we have a driveway that curves, thus making it larger then the normal straight driveway. So, staring at the garage door, I slowly work my way across the driveway depositing the snow on the lawn. I continue down the driveway and then start on the sidewalk. I not only do our sidewalk, but I also like to do our neighbor's as well. Again, I'm being nice, but also prolonging the entire exercise experience.

All-in-all, it took a good 45 minutes to complete my task. Sweating and exhausted, I stood by the street and gazed back at my hard work; I noticed that there was a nice, white coating of fresh snow.

Okay, as you can tell after reading this "article", my mind is not on writing. I am currently trying to figure out some math problems. I need to learn some Factoring patterns:

x2 + bx = c, with c being negative and ax2 + bx + c .

Example with real numbers: 2x2 + 7x - 9 This one I have figured out, I just need to set aside some time and practice doing the different problems. The one I am really having problems with is 10 + 11x -6x2

The first thing I need to do is rearrange the problem by decreasing degree

-6x2 + 11x +10 the next step is taking the -6x2 and turning it into a positive...

(-1)(6x2 - 11x -10) I am then supposed to be able to factor it as usual. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are 5 more lessons (with 5 additional things to learn) after this. I need to learn this; practice this; teach this, before the end of next week. So, I may not be posting for a few days or if I do, it will be to try and figure this mess out by explaining it here. It's your call.


  1. Huh? I'll stick to taxes - they are much easier!

  2. You lost us! ;-) Here's our brain workout: 11+8=


  3. BeadedTail: Me too, that's why I need practice.

    Lux:That's my problem, I'm lost as well:)

  4. Our heads are spinning!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Lost me with the numbers and if they mean something to you, wow, do I admire you. I could never in a million years figure them out.
    As to Nordic Track or snow shoveling, give me good old snow shoveling any time. I think it's got to be more of a workout cause I always end up in a sweat and exhausted and thirsty.

  6. That wasn't like the Teletubbies at all! lol. I feel strangely euphoric... *flutter flutter*

    Nordic Track is befuddling, though. But I can't shovel anymore, so...

  7. Gandalf and Grayson: I love it!

    Mountain Woman: That is how I ended up and I loved it. I guess I'll be doing the same thing on Thursday, if the weather guy is right.

    Rebecca: I know what you mean about the NordicTrak, I am not coordinated enough to do both the arms and the walking, so I just do the walking part and hold onto the handles.

  8. Yes, I'm a dork

    It should be factored as

  9. Dang it old man...you stole my post.

    I went and figured out the factoring and now you've stolen it and I can't possibly list it here because then it looks like I'm just copying you.

    Suffice it to say that you are not the only Math Geek in the world. I love Math...

  10. Da Old Man: Thank you for taking the time to work it out, now that I have been practicing, my problem is over-analyzing the problems. When I just do it, I'm fine.

    Mom: Thanks for taking the time. I have lots more if you're interested. I am currently working on Factoring by Grouping.

  11. Happy Holiday wishes to you!

  12. Lux: Happy Holidays to you, too. Have a great trip!

  13. Gandalf and Grayson25 December, 2010 15:10

    Mom says she'll just have a lovely glass of wine and let you work it out. She's off the clock!

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally published on...

    16 December, 2008 14:28


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