16 January 2009

My Search for a New Scale

The time has come to say goodbye to my old bathroom scale. You may remember that I have discussed the reliability of my current scale and how I would love to see it fly someday. Well, that day is fast approaching. When I went to my doctor’s appointment, I discovered that my wonderful scale was only about 16 POUNDS off. So, for the entire time I was on my diet, I was recording my weight as 16 pounds higher than it actually was.

So, I need to strap-on my trusty computer and do a Wiki Search for new scales. This is the first time that I have actually used Wiki, but I must say that I was impressed. If you are in the market for health and beauty aids, then this is the page to go. You have a wide variety of categories from which to choose: cosmetics, skin care, health care, even male grooming products. But, since I’m a guy, I went directly to the Personal Care Guide and started my search.

When I searched for bathroom scales, I came upon the page and just sat there. I was expecting to see a bunch of scales with prices on them, not a detailed buying guide of the various scales on the market. This page goes into detail on how to buy a reliable scale and which features you should look for in a scale. One of the features that was discussed, was on a scale that can tell your body fat percentage. I tend to shy away from this feature, because I feel it is unreliable and inaccurate. However, if you want that, you can find one with that particular feature.

The big debate for me comes when I need to choose between analog and digital readouts. Since my current scale is digital, I think I may choose one of the analog scales. I want to get one that has a nice large dial and is comfortable to stand on. I find that there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to balance on a scale; not only is it awkward, but it corrupts the results. Well, I’ve found what I was looking for, now it is time to see if my old scale can actually fly.


  1. So which scale did you buy? Mom is looking for a new one too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Furkidsmom: The one I am looking at is the Analog Bath Scale #4827. It's the one for $14.00. Yes, I'm cheap, but this one has the nice large dial and is wide enough so I won't have to do a balancing act every time I try and weigh myself. I hope you are having a good weekend:)


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