28 January 2009

RV Camping in Gettysburg

When I was growing up, one of our neighbors has a mobile home. Even though it was a small one, I still had fantasies about one day getting into one and driving around the country. Of course, the one that I dreamed about driving was a huge diesel that would have every sort of convenience you could imagine, including the kitchen sink. Now that I'm older, I would still like to jump into an RV and travel to a campground and spend some time there. just so that I could say that I had done it. Naturally, I can't afford to buy one of those behemoths, but I understand that I can rent one. Okay, let's say that I can actual afford to rent one of these things, where would I go? There are many campgrounds throughout the United States, so how would I go about picking one? I think the place to start would be to ask myself what I am interested in and go from there.

Back in college, I studied history, not just because I was bad in math, but also because I actually enjoyed it. Believe it or not, I still watch the History Channel, by choice. There are a number of historical spots around this country, but I have discovered one that really piqued my interest. This particular Gettysburg, pa rv camping site happens to be on the edge of the actual battlefield. In addition to watching one of the re-enactments, I can imagine myself going onto that field and sitting down on the grass; taking an account of the battle and reading it, thus transporting myself into history. You see, I used to work in archives where I would be able to actually handle the artifacts that I read about in my history books. There is something about actually touching something hundreds of years old or being at a place where something historic occurred, that makes me stop and think. To me, it brings history alive.

I understand that there may be one or two of you who may not be interested in history, but not to worry because there are many other things you can do. If you enjoy fishing, they have a well-stocked lake where you can enjoy matching wits with our finned friends, but be sure to bring barb-less hooks, because this lake is catch and release. Not a fan of fishing, why not take a nice, relaxing canoe ride, or a relaxing walk on one of the nature trails. To go rv camping gettysburg-style, you have the best of many worlds, for you are only a short distance away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Yup, you can feed your sweet tooth on the real thing, or spend the day at their amusement park. Speaking of chocolate, one of the many events held at the battlefield resort is a death by Chocolate weekend. This is something that I would love to see, smell, and taste.

Although we may all tend to think that camping only takes place during the summer and fall months, I was surprised to find out that this resort is open all year round. They even have events that take place in October and a Holiday Feast in November. If you are looking to get away and have a great time doing it, go and grab your gettysburg camping site and prepare for an adventure that you will be talking about for years to come.


  1. I visited Gettysburg as a kid and again as a teenager, and I would love to go back with my husband and kids. My husband loves Civil War history, and one of his dreams is to visit Gettysburg. (He was pretty jealous when he learned I'd been there twice, lol.) We live about six hours from there...maybe we should try harder to make it up there. Ahh, I do love a good vacation...

  2. Cindy: You are so lucky! I would love to be able to go there. As I mentioned, I studied history in college and this would be a chance to visit an historical site. If you do get a chance to visit, could you please send some pictures my way? Hope you have a great day!


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