16 February 2009

How Not to Deal with Writers Block

This is going to be pretty short, because I have spent the entire day trying to get our other computer to work. It seems that when I went to turn it on this morning, just as Windows was beginning to load, an error message occurred stating: "Data Execution Prevention - Microsoft Windows. To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program." It has been fun ever since. Since, I have been busy with the computer, here is an article I wrote a while ago. I was having a bad case of writer's block (what else is new), so I just decided to write on the first thing that came into my head. It's a strange piece of work...

Have you ever just sat down with pen and paper in hand (although these days its with a laptop) and have totally no idea what to write about? Well, that seems to be happening to me today. I can think of absolutely nothing to say. Some days I have no problem at all. I'll be teaching school and all of a sudden I get this great idea for an article; I can sit down and bang that puppy out in just a few minutes. Boy, I love those times. Then there are days like today, I sit in front of the computer screen and stare at that annoying, blinking cursor. It just sits there and blinks at me. It's like its taunting me, laughing at me because I have nothing to say. The pressure is unbearable. Blink, Blink,Blink.

I suppose I could change it to one of those smiley faces or a dinosaur, but then I would have a smiley face or dinosaur blinking at me. I guess I could probably not stare at the screen, I can watch TV or maybe read a book. But how is that going to help me write an article? Blink, Blink. Stupid cursor. This really isn't helping me. I'm so obsessed with this cursor, I can't let my muse come to me and do its muse thing. Knowing my luck, she's staring at the cursor too. Well, if my muse won't come maybe I should mow the lawn or something. No, it will never get that bad. When is there ever a good excuse to mow the lawn? Have you ever been so bored that you decide, "Hey, I'm bored, I think I'll go and mow the lawn." I don't know about you, but I've never done that. I can see going out and mowing the lawn if say, for example, my wife comes home and tells me to get my lazy butt outside and mow the lawn. That, in my opinion is a good reason. Being bored, not a good reason. Blink, blink, blink.

So, I'm back to square one, although now the cat is blinking at me. Listen, how many times have you had a stare-down with your cat and won? I'll tell you...Never. You can't get a cat to blink. Actually, you can't get a cat to do anything. Well, you can get it to sleep, but how hard is that. Now, all of a sudden the stupid thing gets it into it's head to blink at me. This is getting out of control. First the cursor, now the cat, what's next? Now, the light on the phone is blinking. OK, that's it, I'm done. I guess I just won't write anything today. Sorry guys, maybe tomorrow.


  1. For someone who has writer's block, you sure are awfully creative :)

  2. Hi Tim,

    Hey you change your head banner, looks great.

    I will never think in such a disgusting thing such as "mowing the lawn". Tip, do as I do, just don´t have lawn in the first place, lol.


  3. Luis: Thanks, it's just my second try, I'm hoping to get better at this. Believe me, it's tempting:)

  4. I get writer's block quite a bit when trying to figure out what to post every day but luckily my cats give me material - usually!

  5. i totally understand how you feel. i think all bloggers or writers have those moments. :)

  6. I used to have mini notebooks to write my ideas in when they came to me. I kept one in my purse and one in the livingroom. When I got an idea I would quick write it down. I really need to start doing that again. When I finally get time to sit at the computer I find myself staring at it unable to remember any of them. I know I had great ideas but they are lost somewhere in my aging brain.

  7. BeadedTail: Can I borrow one of your cats, because all mine wants to do is sleep all day:)

    Kikit: It's really bad if you get writer's block on Twitter:)

    Melissa Erickson: That is SO me. I do the exact same thing and to make matters worse, I usually end up misplacing the notebook;)

  8. Here's a meme to help you out and very easy: I tagged you for a picture meme here: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2009/02/5th-picture-meme.html

  9. Karen & Gerard Zemek: Thank you, I'll be right over:)


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