10 February 2009

Sharing Ideas

I have gotten a few good ideas from those who have commented on my previous post and, because I feel that part of the world of blogging is sharing ideas and helping each other, I am going to devote this post to sharing those resources with you. Also, it's a way to be really lazy and not have to come up with something to write about.

I am a big fan of "Print Screen" many times free websites or free trials will allow you to make things but they charge you to save the file. You can just click Control & Print Screen (above the backspace button). Then you can just paste it into any photo software...even Paint. The last step is to just crop the portion you want and save it. Then you have a great banner ad or any size ad for free.

being a LINUX user I use GIMP, however I have paintshop pro on my windows machine, I prefer GIMP it has more things available to it and its open source which means FREE and you can find add ons and extras, they do offer a windows version gimp.org/windows and this is the main page check it out gimp.org

Thank you for your great ideas!


  1. Sharing really is one of the great things about blogging... that and open, interesting conversation that can come from a great post.

  2. Sometimes lazy is good! :-)

    Here's another option for you. I've chosen you to share why you think life is grand. Visit my site to find out how.

  3. Manz: I agree, I like to share new things that I find. I figure, if I have been searching around and trying to solve a problem, there must be someone else who is having the same problem, so why not help them out.

    Tina: I'm always up for being lazy. Thanks, I'll stop by:)

  4. Dropping by...

    So true! With the number of people using the internet, along with new users of certain things such as blogging, there must be loads of people with similar problems. A couple of my favorite bloggers have helped me out sooooo much. And I totally appreciate it!

    Hope you had a great day :)

  5. I am constantly learning more from other blogs. I will see things I like and look up how to do it. I am very thankful for the people that give out information. If there is anything you are ever stuck on let me know. If I am able to help I will.

    Oh yeah, I have given you a few awards on my site. It must be award season because they are really going around lately.

  6. Manz: So true, yet at the time it seems as if I am the only one with a particular problem. I have been helped as well, and I like to think of this as saying "thank you" to them.

    Hobo: My pleasure and thank you for stopping by:)

    Melissa Erickson: Thank you very much! Oh, I just stopped by...thank you:)

  7. Cool links. Will check them out. I'm in love with photo editing. Just took some great photos today, and can't wait to "play" with them!
    Enjoy your day! :)

  8. The Fitness Diva: It is fun to play with them, isn't it. You have a great day, too:)

  9. Very nice links Tim. I will also check them out. I love to diddle with graphics.

    Now how about joining a group of us who are spreading love all over for Valentine's day?


    It's a pretty cool tag and just perfect for Valentine's!

    Hope to see you!!:-)

  10. Shinade: Thank you, I'll drop by and take a look:)

  11. Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

    Knowledge if shared "Grows"
    Thanks for sharing.
    : )

    Comment edited to remove dead/broken link.

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    12 February, 2009 04:57


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