21 March 2009

Stainless Steel: Not Just for Kitchens, Anymore

As soon as I make my first million on the Internet, which according to everything I have read, should only take about 30 days or so, my wife and I plan to start construction on our "dream kitchen." We have talked a lot about what we would like to have in our kitchen and it begins with a commercial-grade gas range. We also want a large freezer-on-the-bottom, stainless steel refrigerator, and granite counter tops. As we were cruising the web and searching for other items to populate our kitchen, we discovered that stainless steel is not just for kitchens anymore.

Throughout my research, I have discovered that stainless steel is a very versatile product. It is corrosion resistant, which means that you will not have the rust problems you might get with other metals and, for those of you who are "going green," it is 100% recyclable. I have to admit that one of my main concerns happened to be about potential rust problems. You see, while searching for items for the kitchen, I came across something that really caught my eye, a blomus stainless steel planter. I would have never imagined having a planter made out of stainless steel, but I have to admit that it looks great. I would personally be hesitant to use this outside; however, if you have a covered porch or patio, it would be a perfect addition.

Another item I came across was coat hooks. I know, not very interesting, but it is actually something that we desperately need. You see, we happen to store out artificial Christmas tree in our entry closet. We do this to help cut-down on the dust that accumulates on the tree over the year. Because of this, we have very little room for what the closet was actually built to accommodate: coats. This being the case, I feel that a coat rack is in order. I don’t want to just buy stainless steel coat hooks and screw them into the wall, because that would look tacky. Therefore, I plan to get a nice piece of cherry (use whatever type of wood that goes best with your home) and then, using a decorative bit, router the edges. Once I have treated the wood (I think I may use a clear varnish), I will take my hooks, screw them into the wood, and then mount the wood to the wall.

We have moved from the kitchen, to the patio, to the entryway in pursuit of our House of Steel. The final stop on our journey will be the bathroom. Every bathroom needs to have a towel rod, so why not get one that gives a touch of elegance to your bathroom. To achieve this end, I came across a blomus stainless steel towel rail, which adds that certain touch of style to the room. Since these rods have to handle the weight of your towels and act as the occasional balancing bar, it would be best to install the towel rod in the wall studs. If the rod you choose is too short to allow you to install both ends in the wall studs, try and get at least one end (the end you would most likely grab onto if you needed to balance) installed in the wall stud. To properly complete the installation, you will need to install the other end using a hollow-wall anchor.

I have to admit that I was surprised at the wide variety of stainless steel products that are available. By widening my horizons, I have discovered that stainless steel is not just for the kitchen anymore.

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