18 April 2009

Heading to the Basement

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks and I have decided to not approve any additional paid advertisements. Yes, I know that this is nothing new, as many EC users are doing the same thing, but I really wanted to give the new system a chance. This being the case, my site, which is consistently at the top of the Lifestyle category, will soon be relegated to the EC basement. Why am I doing this? Well, yesterday when I again looked at the stats of outgoing clicks to my advertisers, I noticed that they were, once again, painfully low. I feel that if you use your hard-earned credits to advertise on my site, you should get what your credits' worth. Since my advertising will still only get partial page views on other sites, this will not totally correct the problem of low-clicks, but it should help. I understand that many of the paid advertisements on my site come from Entrecard users and I want to say that, you are always welcome on my site, but from now on, you will need to buy your ad space using EC credits.

A way to help solve this problem would be to implement what many have already been discussing in the forums, and that would be a two-widget system. I realize that this would mean an additional widget on my site, but I feel it would solve the problem on many fronts.

  • It would give the advertisers their own widget to cycle through, meaning they would have one less site to compete with, thus giving them more page views.

  • The EC advertisers would have their customary advertising spot, just as it has always been.

  • For those who do not wish to have any paid ads on their site, they just don't install the widget.

  • For those, like me, who are currently not accepting paid ads, for the reason I have already stated, this would remove that reason and the advertisers would have new sites on which to advertise. More sites equals more page views.

  • For those who would accept paid advertising on their site, that widget would need to conform to the current One-Scroll policy, while the traditional EC widget could be placed wherever the site owner wanted.

  • With these measures in place, I feel that Entrcard would be able to solve a variety of it's current problems and also increase its advertiser base.

If this is ever implemented, I will be more than happy to accept paid advertising on my site. So, for now, I will let the paid advertisements run their course and I will let you know when my site is 100% EC credit advertising.


  1. I'm with you on this. My site has been dropping.

    Oh well.


  2. Da Old Man: Mine too. I tried to give it a chance, but they seem to have put the cart before the horse and the cart is out of control.

  3. i accepted paid ads because i want to make friends and help another blogger.


  4. bisnis gratis: That's why I accepted at first, but things just got out of hand. I hope it works better for you.

  5. Beltran Studios: You are welcome, your work is top-notch!


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