04 April 2009

My Weight Loss Reward

One of the great things about losing weight is the fact that your clothes begin to become too large. I’ve noticed that over the past year, a lot of my clothes no longer seem to fit me. The big sweatshirts that I constantly wear around the house have gone from barely fitting me, to something akin to wearing a tent. I love this feeling and thoroughly enjoy going into my closet and grabbing clothes that I used to be too small for me, but now fit like a glove.

The one part of this fantastic adventure that never even occurred to me was the fact that, even though my clothes have become too big for me, my underwear have also outgrown their usefulness. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? If you sit down and think about it, you have to admit that it is not the first thing that comes to mind when bragging to your friends about your weight loss. Yes, you can brag about the new shirts you have bought or that great new pair of pants that you can finally fit into, but when it comes to the "underwear" topic, mums the word.

As I sit and write this, I am trying to decide whether to splurge and purchase a pair that sports a designer label or should I just continue to purchase the usual store brand. I have to admit that as I was surfing the Internet (yes, I have way too much time on my hands, sometimes), I came across a pair of diesel underwear, (I know, it sounds like underwear for truckers, but it is actually a very famous brand name) that not only looked great, but the company offers free shipping, as well. Now, you are probably wondering why I’m making such a big deal about all this and, to be honest, you are correct. It comes down to a simple matter of economics: buy five pairs of store brand underwear or buy one pair of a designer brand. The answer seems simple, but the reasoning behind the decision is a bit more convoluted.

As I draw near to my weight loss goal of 180 pounds, I have been trying to think of something to reward myself. After all, it has been almost two years since I began my diet and exercise routine and I am nearing a weight I have not seen in over twenty years. It seems that there should be something I could do to reward myself for all of my hard work. I have already planned to purchase and consume a Chicago Connection pizza when I reach 200 pounds. Yes, I know it doesn’t make much sense to eat a pizza to celebrate losing weight, but I have not had one of their pizzas, or any pizzas for that matter, in over 16 months. This being said, I feel it is my duty to stimulate the economy and do my part to provide jobs for those workers at the pizza place.

However, once I do reach my target weight, stuffing my face as a reward all the time, will put me right back to where I started and I really don’t want to go there again. Therefore, I think that I might reward myself in a more tangible fashion by splurging on a set of new underwear that not only looks good, but also will serve as a reminder of how far I have actually come. Certainly there are other ways to reward myself, but for now, this seems the most economical and fat-free way of doing so.


  1. Maybe your wife could pick out the underwear reward! ;D

  2. BeadedTail: That would be an even better idea, thanks;)

  3. richmond: Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you again soon:)


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