02 April 2009

Planning Your Alaskan Vacation

With summer fast approaching, our thoughts naturally begin to turn toward planning the annual summer vacation. As road maps and travel brochures begin to appear on kitchen tables around the country, you begin looking for the destination, which will provide you with an experience you will be talking about the rest of the year. I understand that this might be a tall order to fill, but there is a place that offers something for just about everyone.

Instead of going to that theme park or heading to the usual camping ground, why not go somewhere that will astound you with its stunning vistas and crisp, clear air. Why not Travel Alaska and experience, first hand, nature at its most regal. Alaskan vacations are not just about hunting and fishing; there is something to do for just about everyone. Whether you enjoy rafting, hiking, or just giving your camera a workout, you will be able to find something that interests you. One thing that I would like to try, would be taking a rafting tour down the Nenana River. Now, since I have never been rafting before, I would probably elect to take the mild-water rafting tour. Although, if you are of a more daring nature, there are white water rafting options available, as well.

If river rafting is not your cup of tea, you can always take a bus tour through Denali Park. This all day tour will take you through the 95 mile restricted-access Denali Park Road, where your tour guide will help you find the various wildlife that lives in the park. From bears to moose to caribou, you will be able to see Alaska in all its glory and capture it on you digital camera, so you can relive your experience for years to come. If strictly seeing the wildlife is something you would rather relegate to the Discovery Channel, then you can take a leisurely train ride and be amazed by the glaciers of Prince William Sound or, for an up-close and personal feel, you can opt for a cruise, instead. You might be saying to yourself, "I really don’t want to have to pick and choose why can’t I just do all three?" Well, you can. There are a number of different packages to choose from so, be assured, you will get the most from your Alaskan vacation.

As I just mentioned, there are a variety of packages from which to choose. When you sit down to discuss your Alaska Travel plans, keep in mind the photo of sun rising over the lakeactivities you like to do. If you are the type of person who loves backpacking and hiking, you might want to choose one of the back country excursions. Here, you spend several nights at the Backcountry lodge. While there, you can enjoy hiking, biking, panning for gold, or just plain relaxing by the lake. If you prefer to just observe, than you have the option of seeing Alaska by helicopter, plane, train, or bus. Don’t see a package that includes what you want? Why waste your time and money doing something that doesn’t interest you, when you can design your own vacation from a wide variety of choices and pick out the things that interest you. There are many ways to see the wonders of Alaska; the only restriction is your imagination.


  1. Alaska is so beautiful and I hope to visit there one day!

  2. BeadedTail: I agree, my aunt and uncle go on cruise there every year and they just love it.


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