21 May 2009

Friday Fotos: 5/21

Once again, it is Friday. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Polar Bear Drive-Thru Window...
photo of a polar bear looking into an igloo
courtesy of... greatfunnypictures.com

photo of a car stuck in the concrete
courtesy of... dailyhaha.com

Budget Cuts are Everywhere...
photo of a small dog in a police car
courtesy of... tensionnot.com

Getting Ready for Isabella and Angel...
photo of a warrior squirrel
courtesy of... wolfness.net


  1. Great Friday Fotos - the Budget Cut one is hilarious!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Furkidsmom: I'm glad you liked them. I hope you have a great weekend;)

  3. Oh my gosh, too funny! That combat squirrel would be a challenge but Isabella and Angel are more than ready to take him on!

    Enjoy your weekend and of course the races!

  4. BeadedTail: I believe a cage match is in order:)

    Hope you have a great weekend, too. Did you hear that there is a possibility that Jeff Gordon may retire?

  5. Jeff can afford to retire I guess and if his back is as bad as they say, it's probably for the best. My husband likes Jeff but I prefer the one who won last week's race! :)

  6. Not even going to try to wipe the smile off of my face...


  7. Hi I just stopped by to drop on your Entrecard and wanted to let you know that you have been added to Blog Angel's All Above the Crease Drop List . I created the list because I was sick of wasting time trying to find people's Ecards. You and everyone on the list has their Entrecards in an easy to find location. Stop by and check it out.

  8. LOL... the last picture... is really funny... ready for some adventure like....

  9. BeadedTail: That's true, I just never realized that he was in so much pain and for so long. Tony Stewart? Although he is not one of my favorites, I do give him a lot of credit for becoming an owner and I am very glad he got his first win as an owner.

    Tulip's Talking: Glad you liked them. Have a great weekend;)

    blogangel: I'll be right over and I'll add you to my list, as well.

    The Bad Blogger: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them. Have a terrific weekend:)

  10. Hi
    I would like to honor you with a lovely blog award, the below comment is what I added to my site to acknowledge you :-)

    Everyday Living- I don’t know is it appropriate to give a Lovely Blog award to a guy? I hope so because I think it’s a cool site, please check it out!

  11. Kerrilee: Thank you very much for the award and the kind words. I'll be right over to check it out.

  12. Not even going to try to wipe the smile off of my face...


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    23 May, 2009 06:38


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