04 May 2009

I Want a Personal Trainer

Nasa Sponsers of the Space ShuttleSince I am short on time and hair (yes, still pulling-out my hair over the end of school), here is an article originally published last May. Hope you enjoy it.

I’m just sitting here trying to come up with a good excuse to not exercise. I keep telling myself that my muscles need to recover from yesterday. They really do. Then I tell myself that if I do exercise, I’ll feel better for the rest of the day. What should I do?

Actually what I am trying to do is "guilt" myself into doing something that I really don’t feel like doing. I go through this everyday and I must say I am getting tired of it. From day to day, the excuses become lamer and lamer. What I really need is some huge Terminator-type personal trainer to get me motivated. It would be a combination of fear and envy. Fear, that he would actually follow through with his threats and envy, that I really would like to look like him.

The only problem is, I don’t have the $300 an hour I would need to hire Arnold. That’s where I kind of envy these Hollywood types. Why? Because they have the money to hire these people who not only motivate them, but show them the right exercises to do. Me, I have the pamphlet that came with my Total Gym and my own ability to guilt myself into doing it.


  1. Okay, I there with you. those excuses have to go in the trash and taking out to the garbage. Each day the intention is there,but that little person on the shoulder says later. Now is later, so let both knock that little gal/guy off and go exercise. okay. see you tomorrow.

  2. Auntie E: I know what you mean. I have that Total Gym in the living room and every time I start making excuses, it seems like it just sits there and stares at me, mocking me, but I eventually end-up exercising:)

  3. quit those excuses and you'll make it.=)

  4. joe-ann: I agree, but there are just so many to choose from. Oh look, a squirrel:)

  5. terry said...

    i agree with u thanks for the information.

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally posted on: May 11, 2009 11:41 AM


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