30 May 2009

Luigi’s Mansion

I realize that this is a wide departure from my usual posts, but since I am currently in the process of getting back into writing on a regular basis, I figured it would be kind of nice to share the last writing assignment of the school year. The last composition assignment asked the student to write and present an advertisement. My youngest, who is 12, wrote the following advertisement as her assignment. I think she did a fantastic job, so I thought I would share it with all of you. The only assistance I gave, was to align the photos (although she probably could have done it better and faster).

Imagine that you won a mansion in a contest that you didn’t even enter, there is even a map to the mansion and it looks like a good place to live, so you call your brother/sister to tell him/her about the good news and tell him/her to meet you at the mansion to celebrate.

But you get lost in the creepy forest that surrounds your mansion, screen shot of Luigi's Mansionbut eventually you see, from what the map says, your new mansion but it looked better on the map and your brother/sister should’ve arrived first but he/she is nowhere to be seen. So you go into the creepy mansion only to discover it’s filled with ghosts! To make things worse the ghost you see looks like it’s going to attack! Lucky for you some guy shows up with a vacuum cleaner and tries to catch the ghost that was going to attack you but the ghost escapes. So you go over to the guy with the vacuum cleaner and he says his name is Professor E. Gadd, but before he can say more three ghosts appear! But you and the professor are able to escape and he says that he saw your brother/sister enter the mansion but he hasn’t seen him since.

If you think that’s interesting then Luigi's Mansion will be one of the most entertaining games you will ever play! "Luigi's Mansion was relatively well-received by reviewers, despite being criticized for its short length. The game has sold over 2.5 million copies, and is the fifth best-selling Nintendo GameCube game in the United States. It was also one of the first games to be re-released as a Player's Choice title on the system."[2] This game is filled with puzzles so it requires a lot of thinking and patience to beat, so you can’t afford to overlook anything because the thing you overlook might just be the door, key or contain/be the item you need to move on. This game will keep you entertained for years and it is rated E for everyone, so even if you’re four you can play this game!

Early in the game you will receive two items, one of the items is the one you need to defeat the ghosts. screen shot of Luigi's MansionAfter a brief explanation on how to use the main item and a quick practice course you can either go to the gallery (which won’t serve any purpose until you beat the first boss), the mansion, or take the practice course again, your choice. You should be prepared for surprises, because almost all of the ghosts pop up suddenly and out of nowhere. Also all of the rooms are dark until all of the ghosts in the room are defeated. There are over thirty-five indoor rooms that you can explore and there are at least five outdoor rooms that you can explore, and it is best if you explore every corner of the rooms, just so you don’t miss anything.

So if you want to have a great time buy Luigi’s Mansion today!
image of Luigi's Mansion game

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  1. Great write up on this game! Makes me want to play it!

  2. BeadedTail: Thank you, I let her know what you said...she got a big smile on her face:)


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