26 May 2009

When Brains Go Numb

photoshopped kokoWhen I first started writing a blog, I figured it would be a piece of cake. Just write a few lines and that would be it. Well, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Blogs require a great deal of thought and dedication. I want mine to be the best, so I strive to write articles with good content. I want to write articles about everyday life and how it affects us. However, there are those days, like today, when ideas just seem to flee. So, I revert to my old stand-by: BS. Well, I do have a college degree: its a BA, not a BS, but I figure it's close enough.

Sometime ago, we installed a squirrel feeder in our backyard. I was somewhat reluctant do do this because I didn't think it would ever be used. Less than a week after I put it up, there were squirrels there. My question: how did they know it was there? Is there some type of squirrel Brian Williams that announces new feeder locations? Do they have a type of "eye in the sky" Feeder Report? This, to me, is a mystery.

Ever go into the kitchen and take-out the can opener only to discover that your cat, who was sleeping on the other side of the house, appears by your legs? What? Do they have the hearing of bats? Do they have a sort of cat sonar that picks-up "can-opener waves?"

You are alone in the house and it's late at night. Your cute little bundle of fur wakes from a sound sleep, goes to the doorway of a dark room and hisses. Do they actually see something? Do they sense something we can't? Or, is it some kind of private "cat joke," an initiation they must perform in order to become a full member of the cat gang.

We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement: If you are here looking for the Canucklehead Scavenger Hunt, you are one step closer.
We now return you to our regularly scheduled program...

You know, I love the sound of the lawn mower, especially when someone else is mowing our lawn.

I am going to share my tax return with two of my friends: MasterCard and Visa, aren't I nice?

You have bags of leftover Halloween candy in the house. It's December and you never ate it, so you take it to work and give it to your friends. That night, you end up going to the store to buy more candy.

You wash your car and the next day....it doesn't rain. YES!! You feel like you are on the top of the world. You go to the store to buy a big steak to celebrate. When you come back to your car, you notice a huge pterodactyl has pooped right on the hood.

Well, I've been putting it off long enough, the lawn needs to be mowed. I guess I should go out there and watch my wife mow it. After all, I try to be a good husband.


  1. And this all started from a squirrel feeder? It is an interesting post and one that makes you go hmmmm! As for the can opener, it has to be ingrained in cats because we feed stinky goodness from pouches not cans yet they still come running when the can opener runs.

  2. Andy: Thank you

    BeadedTail. I know, really strange, but I had absolutely nothing to write on, so I just wrote about the first thing that popped into my head. Starting with the feeder, then I saw Koko walk into the kitchen, which prompted the cat portion, then someone started up a lawnmower. I have a strange mind at times.
    As for the can opener, if they get their treats from pouches, you must be right.

  3. It's perfect - thanks for playing ...

  4. Canucklehead: My pleasure. I got there too late to do it through CMF, so I'm glad you extended it. Have a fun trip!

  5. Andy said...

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    Its a great work.

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    28 May, 2009 06:23


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