22 June 2009

Links Open in New Browser Window or Same

photo of Koko getting on the counterI have a quick question, which came up in a forum I am active in. When you are visiting a site and click on a link, do you prefer to have it open in the same window or in a new window? There seems to be many people, when they are visiting a site, prefer to have the links open in the same window.

Which do you prefer?

If you do prefer the links opening on the same page, could you let me know why?

Thank you.


  1. i like it to open up in a new tab. that way i still have the page i am on in case there is more to read/check out on it.

  2. I'm a new tab guy myself as well, it's just the best way for me, for the same reason as PJ.

  3. I like it opening in a new tab; however, I realize some others may not so leave them the choice. The only reason I can think of that people might prefer this is that they click on the link after they are done reading what they want.

  4. i like it to open in same windows as there are other applications which will be there ................ so it will not take more space .............

  5. I like links to open in a new tab. My life is always so crazy that I tend to forget where I read something if I get sent to other sites. People are also less likely to comment on posts if they have to go back and find the page.

  6. I like links to open in a new window or tab so when I'm done reading it, I can close it and continue reading the initial window.

    Is Koko snoopervising someone in the kitchen?

  7. I like it to open a new window so I can return to the original page.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Either way is fine with me, but I normally hold down the ctrl anyhow when I go to click on a link so it will open in a new window.

  9. PJ: Thanks, me too:)

    Mr. New Dilemma: Thanks

    Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry": Thank you

    Mountain Woman: Thank you

    sant: Thanks

    Melissa: Thank you, that's a good point.

    BeadedTail: Thank you. Yes, he is probably snoopervising my wife ;)

    Furkidsmom: I'm the same way.

    Jude: I never thought of doing that. Thanks for the tip.

    Lola: Thank you

    Lucky Lady: Thank you

    Mrs4444: Thanks:)

  10. agree with the others.

    I have a separate issue. I notice you have the aftr widget. So do I. When I get a hit from it, from another site, it shows up as 3 hits in a row. Almost simultaneously. Have you had this same experience?

    just curious.

  11. Mason: It doesn't do it every single time, but when it does, it shows up as /# twice and than the /#aftr on the third time. I have no idea why it does that, maybe they aftr surfing and leave the windows open? Just guessing; probably guessing wrong, too:)

  12. i like the new window so I can still have the page open that provided the link.

  13. Stacie's Madness: Thank you for letting me know;)

  14. Lola said...

    New tab

    Comment edited to remove dead/broken link.

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    23 June, 2009 13:20


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