09 July 2009

Friday Fotos: 7/10

Well, it is Friday once again, so I will step aside from my normal drivel and give you something interesting to look at. I hope you enjoy your weekend...

I can see this...
chart of iE usage
courtesy of... inbetweenmeals.com

photo of a pimped out alpakah
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger

So, that's what happened...
picture of a cat with a gun
courtesy of... picoodle.com


  1. Wonderful collection of "aha!" moments and the "Explorer pizza" nailed it!

  2. LOL! The last one made me laugh especially. Have a great weekend.

  3. haha...its funny picture.

  4. I always look forward to your Photo Friday. :) I just LOVE the third one!!

    I enjoy your berm updates, too. :D Have fun! Hehehehehe.

  5. WillOaks Studio: Thank you. That one gave me a good laugh, too ;-)

    BK: Thank you. Hope you have a great weekend, too :)

    rifone: Thank you ;)

    Mrs. Mecomber: Thank you. If you ever get bored you are more than welcome to drop by and have fun digging in the rock and roots ;)

  6. LOL! That alpaca is so funny! Made my hubby make fun of me for laughing at the computer so hard!

  7. BeadedTail: That's great! I really liked that one, too. The expression on its face is priceless. I hope you are having a good weekend:) Oh, how did you like the finish to the race last week? My throat was sore for a few hours from cheering so much:) (I don't like Kyle Busch)

  8. Hi, just dropping by to say thank you for buying an ad space in my blog :D Much appreciated.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Last weekend's race was GREAT! And a 4th place finish last night was pretty good too after having to start in 17th! I like Mark so it was good to see him win although of course Tony winning would have been better!

  11. Spiff, The Spaceman: It is my pleasure. Thank you for accepting:)

    BeadedTail: I have to admit that Tony has his act together. I can't recall another 1st year owner/driver doing so well. We were rooting for Mark as well. I've always liked him... I just hope he gets his Daytona 500 win.

  12. The Alpaca is our favorite (even though we really admired that cat!)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Furkidsmom: I agree, the expression on his face is priceless:)


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