27 August 2009

Friday Fotos: 8/28

For us, this is the last Friday before school starts. I hope you all enjoy your weekend...

What was that address, again...
photo of confusing street signs
courtesy of... funnyhub.com

How Aflack keeps costs down...
photo of duck stealing money from purse
courtesy of... imageshack.us

Yeah, I can relate to this...
photo of a cat sitting on a couch not able to reach remote
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. really cute pics. i love the aflac burglar....using the cute little kiddies to distract his unsuspecting victim....priceless

  2. Hello i'm rose
    thanks..nice blog...
    keep update im still waiting and drop EC (please drop and follow me too)

    miss U

    Aceh Barat

  3. Blog Queen: I've seen that one around for a while, but I really like it. Have a great weekend:)

    www.acehbarat.info: Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend:)

  4. LOL! In the town I telecommute to in Colorado they have numbered streets and Avenues and also Avenue Courts so you can be standing on a street corner of 20th St & 20th Ave with 20th Ave Ct around the corner! So confusing!

  5. The cat is fabulous, I can relate too ;-)

  6. BeadedTail: That would be very confusing. I wonder how the police and fire people handle those street names.

    alessandra: I know, I usually have one of my kids hand them to me when they are out of reach ;)

  7. those are cute

    I don't have kids in school anymore but it used to be that first day back was like a mom's holiday. :)

  8. Loved them all but especially the Aflac. Gosh, that's how I feel about my insurance bill :-)

  9. Ann: I guess blogger decided not to post my comment to you, so I'll comment again (I am so tired of blogger!!!)
    When my kids were in public school, it was a wonderful vacation. But now that I home school them, I get to play teacher all year.

    Mountain Woman: Thank you. That reminds me, I need to pay our car insurance tomorrow :(


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