01 October 2009

Friday Fotos: 10/2

Well, it is Friday once again, so here are a few photos to hopefully get you through your day...

blue screen of death
courtesy of... funnyjunk.com

photo of ship run aground
courtesy of... hahastop.com

photo of daisy the destroyer cat
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. Funny! Mom always gets askeered when she sees that blue screen (even if it's not on our computer!!)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Funny! On the ship one I kept thinking there was a joke with the name or something and couldn't figure it out until I looked down. If I drank coffee, I think I'd need a cup!

  3. Furkidsmom: I know what she means. Seeing that does not make for a good day:) Have a great weekend!

    Born with a big mouth!: Thanks, when I saw that one, I had to include it. I hope you have a terrific weekend ;)

    BeadedTail: You think that captain may be out of a job? Hope you have a great weekend:)

  4. Those are great. I like Daisy the Destroyer...lol

  5. Ann: Thank you and I'm glad you liked them. Daisy was my favorite, too. I'll drop by your site later tonight. I hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. LOL..I lvoe DAISY THE DESTROYER..She is the TOPS!

  7. anand: Thank you.

    yanjiaren: She is the best of the bunch this week:)


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