18 October 2009

Great Gift Ideas from the Storybeader

Believe it or not, the Holiday Season is fast approaching us and I can't think of a better way to show that special someone how much you care, than to give them a one-of-a-kind, hand-made gift. You can help support these very talented artists and do your Christmas shopping at the same time. So, please take the time and look over these items, because that perfect gift may be right here.

The following featured products are brought to you by: The Storybeader The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image to be taken to their site and the product of your choice.

Christmas Tree Lampwork Necklace (removed dead link)

photo of lampwork necklace

multiple photos of lampwork necklacemultiple photos of lampwork necklace

She crept downstairs to
Find the treasures under the
Lighted Christmas tree.
- storybeader

I've been waiting for just the right beads to place with this colorful Christmas tree, and decided a treasure necklace base would be best.

The lampwork pendant was created by a SRA (Self-Representing Artist) from Canada, islandgirl. It is 31 mm (1.2 inches) from top to bottom, approx. 18.8 mm (.75 inches) wide at the midpoint, and is 11.6 mm (.46 inches) thick. It was made on a 3mm mandrel.

The treasure beaded base is a mix of green chipped glass, large seed beads, and crystals. There is a secure hook and eye clasp to close, and the necklace measures 25.5 inches in length.

Snake Dance - turquoise and jasper necklace (removed dead link)

photo of jasper necklace

multiple photos of lampwork necklacemultiple photos of lampwork necklace

The snake danced in the
Opposite direction when
It saw the jasper.
- storybeader

Jasper is said to protect the wearing from snakes and spiders... a good gemstone to wear in the desert

This chunky necklace was created with 12-22mm turquoise nuggets and 6mm round red jasper beads. A hook and eye clasp secures it in the back.

Matching earrings are sold separately.

Length: 23" long
Weight: 3.1 oz.

Handmade coptic stitch journal
with Japanese paper covers, lined paper

photo of coptic-stitch journal

multiple photos of coptic-stitch journalmultiple photos of coptic-stitch journal

The wedding planner
Wished she was hanging the kites
For her wedding day.
- storybeader

My newest journal has Japanese Washi paper for its covers and is sewn together with waxed Irish linen thread, using the coptic stitch. Handmade in the storybeader's workshop.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 6.75"

There are a total of 80 sheets of 24 lb. paper, which I lined with single spacing. Perfect for a small journal. The first signature is wrapped with decorative blue starred paper.


  1. Yes,I am agree with you ,sometimes ,to make things by ourselves can especially express our feeling of someone.Good idea.

  2. another batch of great gift ideas here. I'm not real big on jewelry but I like that hand made journal.

  3. Tim - thanks so much for including me in your Everyday Living!

  4. The Christmas tree pendant is great but my favorite is the journal.

  5. Nice finds. I do like the journals in her her shop--there is something relaxing about writing down one's thoughts in a pretty book.

  6. Her work is beautiful! I love all the turquoise she uses! And the haikus make them even more special :)

  7. Story does such unique and special work! Wonderful items to feature!

  8. Very nice! Love the poems:)

  9. I'm headed over there now. I LOVE journals and what a wonderful one that is.

  10. Oh, I have a thing for journals/notebooks...

    Awesome feature Ms. Storybeader!

    Edited to remove dead link. Comment originally published on...
    19 October, 2009 15:22


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