30 December 2009

My New Year's Resolution

photo of Koko wearing a Santa hat
I am still desperately trying to find my muse. I have a suspicion that she (hey, I'm a guy) is on vacation somewhere; most likely a beach in the Bahamas. So, since I am still currently muse-less, I have come up with some holiday-style drivel for your amusement...

It is now the time of year for everyone to make their New Year's resolutions. So, in keeping with that spirit, I feel that it would be appropriate to share mine with all of you. So, without further adieu: in 2010 I resolve to not make any resolutions this year.

There, now I don't have anything to remember and absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. I know that if I make a resolution, I will just end up breaking it in a few weeks, so why bother making it in the first place? I mean, I have enough things to think about without having to worry about some silly resolution. So, by resolving not to make a resolution, I can actually rid myself of that unwanted guilt.

But wait a minute, if I resolve not to make a resolution, didn't I just make a resolution? This seems to be a no-win situation: if I make a resolution, I have to spend my valuable time trying to keep it. If I don't make one, I actually just did. This sounds suspiciously like a government program to me.


  1. My favorite New Year's quote: "He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool." - F. M. Knowles, A Cheerful Year Book

  2. ROFL! My muse has boogied to who knows where, too. I never both to make new year's resolutions. Can't stand the pressure! ;o) Happy New Year!!!

  3. Boise Diva: That's a great quote! I need to remember that one.

    Split Rock Ranch: It seems that just after I finished that novel, all coherent thought has left my head :)
    Happy New Year!!

  4. Hope your muse is enjoying her vacation! :D

  5. BeadedTail: Thank you, I'm sure she is. Well, at least one of us is getting a vacation ;)


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