13 December 2009

Our Snow-Covered Berm

It's hard to believe that this picture was taken when it was over 100 degrees out.

photo of completed berm

Yesterday, my wife went outside and took this picture...

winter picture of berm

Oh, just so you don't get the idea that I was lounging around in the warm living room and drinking hot coffee, I was busy shoveling the driveway and sidewalks.


  1. I think I almost prefer the 100 degrees myself. lol

  2. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: I agree! Although it has "warmed-up" to the 20's. Have a good week :)

  3. We haven't had any snow yet, thankfully, but we did get some freezing rain Friday night/Saturday morning. Today it warmed up to the 40s - heat wave!

    And how'd you know we thought you were lounging in the warm living room while your wife was out in the snow taking a picture?

  4. Glad we didn't get any big snow yet, just a few little flurries! Oh, the joys of winter--shoveling and walking on ice. Be careful!

  5. We had a bunch of snow dumped on us Friday and it's pretty much melted off now. You need to ask Santa for a snow blower, much easier on the back...lol

  6. What a difference! Here in South Florida it is ridiculously warm right now still. I wish we could just get a little cooler...

  7. BeadedTail: Oh, I wish we had the 40's! That really would be a heat wave.
    Oh, just a wild guess ;)

    Karen & Gerard Zemek: I actually like the shoveling, but the ice part I could do without.

    Ann: Yup, I think I'll send him a letter about that:)

    Your Daily Cute: Right about now, I wouldn't object to some of that weather down here :)

  8. The berm looks so pretty in the snow! I would love to have a 100 degree day - just ONE day - right now would be good. That would be about 120 degrees warmer than it was last week! Hey - I'll even take ONE 80 degree day! Stay warm and safe.

  9. Split Rock Ranch: I so agree! Although we are not as cold as you are, it would still be nice to see some warm weather again. Thank you and you guys stay warm and safe up there, too ;)

  10. The snow is so pretty but it sucks to shovel it! Darn plows just pushed slush and hard snow at the end of my driveway!

  11. a49erfangirl: It not the funnest thing to do, but it's good exercise for me. After spending all that time shoveling, only to have a snowplow destroy all your hard work...not a good thing.


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