10 January 2010

The Cat Who Got into Everything

photo of yum yum sticking her tongue out
The little angel

My wife and I are about ready to kill a Siamese. Ever since Yum Yum woke us up this morning, the second time after being fed, she has been getting into absolutely everything. This little monster currently has five little plastic springs that she just loves to play with, but they've just disappeared. We looked under the couch, the chairs, the bed, but we just can't find them. So being spring-less, she began chewing on the Christmas tree (I know, it should've been taken down weeks ago, but we just love having it up) and if she isn't doing that, she is playing with the blinds, the cords, our iPod headphones, using my Total Gym for a scratching post, knocking the Dvd's off of the table, trying to steal my pen, or walking over the keyboard...I think you get the general idea. We usually squirt her with some water (we have a squirt bottle for just this purpose), but she just shakes it off and finds something else to get into.

It all started at around 7:00AM when she came pouncing on our bed and began to tear around over the top of us. My wife decided to get up and go into the living room, but did Yum Yum follow her? Nope, she continued to run over the top of me, attacking my feet and head for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, growing bored with this, she took her show "on the road" and went to distract my wife. While my wife was wrapped-up in her blanket and trying to read the Bible, Yum Yum got right to work and began chewing on the tree. Unwrapping and grabbing the bottle, Mary walked over to the tree and squirted her. Back to the couch and just as she got wrapped up, Yum Yum renewed her assault on the tree.

This went on a few more times and I guess it finally sunk into that tiny Siamese mind to stop playing with the Christmas tree, because she stopped and began playing with the blinds and those tantalizing cords that hang beside them. The only good part about this change of venue, is the fact that my wife doesn't have to get up off the couch to "discipline" the little darling.

Fast-forward a few hours and my wife is in the kitchen preparing food for our birds. She has a bag of peas in her hand, when she hears the tell-tale sign of a cat trying to climb a tree. As Mary turns towards the tree, the peas go flying out of the bag and all over the kitchen and dining room floors; Yum Yum goes flying into the bathroom and thus earns her first, well-deserved, timeout.

After about ten minutes, she is released from her self-imposed prison and you would have thought that she may have learned her lesson, but no it was back to the mischief, which continued until just about an hour ago. She is now stretched full-length on my wife's blanket, dreaming no doubt, of other mischief she can get into.


  1. Little stinker! It sounds like one of Lalo's wild hair days. When he gets like that we call him HOWie (for he** on wheels). We always warn each other when he gets this way - we just say "HOWie's here!" and we know to steer clear of him until he's settled down again.

  2. And just LOOK at the little stinker sticking her tongue out at you! ;o)

  3. How funny! Kittens are just so much fun aren't they? Sometimes you just got to let them get it out of their system. As long as no one or no cat is getting hurt (and getting up too early doesn't count) then this too shall pass - of course not as fast as we hope! It's a good thing they are so cute!

  4. Split Rock Ranch: I'll have to remember HOWie. That is a great name for her when she gets into these moods.
    I know, she has a lot of nerve :)

    BeadedTail: She was just bored, but still I couldn't believe the amount of energy in that tiny thing.
    Rats, because I consider making me get up early a capital offence :)

  5. I just LOVE Siamese cats! I have one, but he is so different from the average Siamese, that he truly wakes up in a different world every day!

  6. It must have been something in the universe - mine were holy terrors this morning!!! It was more a matter of what they didn't get into than what they did - they even broke something in my kitchen :(

  7. mrscravitz: They are a breed apart. We got ours at the shelter, so they are not pure Siamese, but they have enough in them to make it interesting :)

    Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: Was it a full moon last night or something? That was Yum Yum this morning. I just got tired of listing everything she got into. I'm sorry to hear that you had a kitchen casualty. I hope it wasn't too expensive.

  8. She's a little pill, for sure! Good thing she's so adorable.

  9. Well she did have a busy day didn't she?...lol Maybe she just has a bit of cabin fever :) Hope it's a calmer day tomorrow.

  10. Are you SUUUUUURE Livvy didn't visit you today?!?! She's half-Siamese. I wonder if, in January, about this time of year, in Siam, all the Siamese cats drive the royal family bananas (or whatever they eat over there).

    TEN MINUTES in the bathroom?! Hoh boy... take it from me, an experienced cat owner-- you need 7-8 days for the disciple to kick in, buddy.

    Livvy acted much the same way as Yum-Yum this morning... odd. Is it something in the air?! We don't have a Christmas tree, but it was simple ME she was climbing up. :-p

  11. Daisy: I think she knows it and is using it to her advantage.

    Grace: That's a pretty smart thing for him to do. Actually knocking the books on the floor...I hope Koko or Yum Yum don't learn that trick.

    Ann: Yeah, she was a regular terror. She was better today, but not by much. Oh well, just not used to having a kitten in the house.

    Mrs Mecomber: Lol, that's funny!

    Oh, I know, but I was hopeful :)

    It must have been something in the air, because I've heard from others that their cats were acting squirrely as well. Either that or it's a conspiracy-type thing.

  12. I thought your misadventures today with Yum Yum sounded adorable. Soon she'll be all grown up and you'll miss her baby play. Anyway, hope things quite down for you but she sure is cute.

  13. Jay: Thank you!

    Mountain Woman: I know, she is growing so fast. It's hard to believe that she is 7 months already.

  14. SO glad I'm not the only one who threatens their pets with imminent death. One of our dogs chewed up my rather expensive Coach wallet. I was NOT pleased. She remains alive, but is pushing her luck. :)

  15. CastoCreations: Luckily, ours haven't gotten to the point of doing any actual damage. Although, that seems to be the direction she is going. I guess they're both playing the "cute card" ;)

  16. I haven't had a Siamese in a long time and honey that's just how they and why they are my favorite breed of cat. One of my Siameses hated when I was on the phone. He learned to disconnect the phone by hitting the button in the cradle. Remember the old phones? If I insisted on being on the phone he would jump on to a book shelf and throw the books to the floor one by one....Life with a Siamese is never boring.

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