18 January 2010

The Doctor, Weight-Loss, and Pizza

photo of koko and yum yum sleeping next to each otherToday, since I haven't done it in a while, I'm going to provide a little update on the old weight-loss front. I had to go to the doctor today for my annual exam and the first thing they have me do is step on the scale. Much to my surprise, it said that I weighed 207.5 lbs, down from the 236.4 lbs I weighed last year (This means, since I started in August of 2008, I've lost a total of 91 lbs of fat). I say, "much to my surprise," because the scale I have at home says I weigh-in at 217 lbs. Quite a little discrepancy, if you ask me. If you are at familiar with this site, you will know that I am engaged in a constant battle with this scale. It is an older digital model that should have been retired years ago, but since that would mean having to go to the store to purchase a new one (for me, stepping into a store has the similar effect as a vampire stepping into sunlight- the real vampires, not those Twilight, sparkly ones), I just deal with the inaccuracies.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty good news, so I went and celebrated by eating an entire Chicago Connection pizza myself, thus gaining back the ten pounds I thought I weighed. Okay....the thought did actually cross my mind for a moment, but that would not be a very intelligent thing for me to do so, surprisingly, I refrained from my desires and had a yogurt instead. Trust me on this, it's NOT the same!

Since I'm on the subject of pizza, I have decided that I would like to start making my own. I understand that there is something like a pizza stone involved in this operation, so I need to look into getting something like that or finding a cheap alternative. Also, since I will be making my own crusts, I think that I may need to make-up another batch of sourdough starter (notice the shameless plug), so that I can use that just for my pizza crusts.

Now, what about the sauce. I would prefer to just go with the traditional tomato sauce, especially since we have quarts of the stuff in our freezer (canned them myself from our very own tomatoes). Unfortunately, my rather picky daughters don't like tomato sauce, so I'll have to come-up with a white sauce; I'm thinking a nice garlic/Parmesan sauce would be fit the bill.

As for the toppings, got to have: salami, pepperoni, garlic (minced), cheese, mushrooms, cheese, maybe some onions and peppers, cheese, olives, and cheese.

You know, it's pretty pathetic when I start by discussing my weight loss and I end-up talking about pizza. Gee, I wonder what's on my mind?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! YUM PIZZA! I love homemade pizza.

  2. a49erfangirl: Thank you very much. It seems to come off much more slowly than when I put it on.
    It seems that I'm about the only one who doesn't make homemade pizza. Well, this is going to end.

  3. Homemade pizza rocks! (no pun intended). I have a stone that works well and I also have a pizza pan with holes in it that let the crust crisp if I don't want to use the stone.

    We started a weight loss challenge at work today. I'm low carbing and I need to make a LC pizza!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! Homemade pizza is so yummy! My husband makes the best pizza ever - so good that we don't even like pizza anywhere else anymore. But, we've never had Chicago Connection pizza yet! As for the sauce, maybe you could try a BBQ chicken pizza.

  5. WTG!!!

    I swear homemade pizza is less calories, since it has less junk added to it. Plus, you can add lots of veggies! :) That white garlic sauce with shredded chicken, mushroom, and broccoli - yum!

  6. Your post title cracked me up, that's quite a combination. Congrats on the weight loss. My scale always tells me I weigh less than what the doctors office says. At least you get a good surprise when you go, I'm always depressed because I weigh MORE than I thought I did :)
    That pizza sounds yummy, I'm hungry now and I just finished dinner.

  7. Did u ever see the fat free pizza my daughter made for my brother it is on my blog he stays on a strict fat free diet because of a heart attact she did good and it tasted good just like pizza

  8. Well - well done you!!!!! How marvellous to have lost much more than you thought. I often think that people on the whole never appreciate actual weight loss as if you look at it in packets of butter and think how many packets it amounts to then it is truly amazing. Also if you look at it in packets of butter - 454 grammes equals a pound which in England now is just shy of the butter packs which weigh in at 500 grammes then you can really appreciate the amount of fat that each packet of butter represents.

    So again, I say many congratulations - that is a wonderful achievement.

    Thank you also for your reminder of your famous sourdough starter ... don't forget to pop it at the top of your blog occasionally for all of your new readers.

  9. Furkidsmom: Would you have a crust recipe you would be willing to share?
    Good luck on the challenge!

    BeadedTail: Thank you! Would he be willing to share a recipe? This is brand new territory for me and I can use all the help I can get.

    Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: Yes, that would be an excellent combo with the white sauce. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Ann: Thank you. Yeah, I guess I need to think about it that way...at least it weighs me more than I actually weigh.

    Lucky Lady: No, I missed that, but I'll head over and take a look. Thank you:)

  10. Kloggers/Polly: Thank you very much! That is a really good way to actually visualize weight-loss.
    I'll try and remember to put up a reminder every now and then.
    Thanks again!

  11. Nothing beats homemade pizza. Congrats on the weight loss!

  12. Split Rock Ranch: Thank you. I am really hoping to start making them VERY soon.

  13. Oh, I got a little scared when I first saw your title here that you were going to nix pizza if you want to lose weight. Glad I was wrong and hope you enjoy your pizza! I eat pizza three times a week (but the key is only 2 slices per day). Remember: portion size is important. I could easily eat a whole one at one sitting, no problem!

  14. Karen & Gerard Zemek: To be honest, I haven't had a piece of pizza in over two years and I miss it a lot!! It's just too expensive to buy, so that is why I am thinking of doing homemade. Thank you for reminding me of portion size, because I have a tendency to "overdo" at times...especially when there is pizza involved :)


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