22 February 2010

A Muse Takes a Holiday

photo of koko and yum yum sleeping on their cat tree
Well, I've been trying like crazy to come up with something to write about, but I just can't think of anything. I thought about writing an article about my weight loss, but I've already written so many articles on that topic, it would just be beating a very dead horse (just don't hold me to this, because I may just end up pulling a Doctor Frankenstein on that poor horse). I also thought about posting some cute pictures of our cats playing and sleeping together, but I think I may leave that for the next time I can't think of anything to say (which, by all calculations, should be fairly soon). I would just like to find out what is causing this writing-drought?

Could it be that since I am rewriting my novel, that I'm using all my creative prowess on that? Could it be that this all-elusive creative prowess is just a figment of my imagination? Could it be that my muse has left on an extended holiday and just forgot to let me know? Whatever it is that may be causing this drought, I must say that it's not fun to have to stare at a white screen and see a stupid cursor blinking back at me.

When I look around the room for any hint of inspiration, the first thing that catches my eye is kitchen counter top. It seems as if the gnomes have been very busy, because everything seems to be stacked on it, except food. I look over and notice that the cats are sleeping...well, there's a shocker. So, I can only think of one thing I can do: coffee! Yup, I think that's the ticket.


  1. Pictures of Koko and Yum Yum always work for a blog post! These days my creativity has gone on vacation too so I understand. Hope the coffee helped!

  2. I can really sympathize with you.
    I recently went through it. I wrote about it here http://projectsaviorreborn.blogspot.com/2010/01/writing-wednesday-writers-block.html
    I think the advice in the comments was really helpful. I overcome it by reading one of my favorite horror stories "Monkey's Paw" and rewriting it as a comedy. I just did it to get the juices flowing I wasn't going do anything with it, but it came out really good and worked to clear the blockage, now ideas are flowing faster than I can type.

  3. BeadedTail: The coffee did wonders, thank you. At this point, anything helps :)

    Project Savior: I remember reading that story in high school. To rewrite that story as a comedy would certainly require a lot of creativity. I would love to read your comedy version of it!

  4. Duke is always my stand in when I can't get it together. He doesn't even have to say much to be a hit...lol
    Coffee, yeah that sounds good.

  5. Tahtimbo,
    Thanks for commenting on site.
    Luckily I did post my version of the Monkey's Paw. hopefully I'll get the comments to code right.
    The Genie and the Breadsticks

  6. Project Savior: Great, I'm on my way over to read it.


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