23 March 2010

Alien Cattle Mutilations

I would like to thank Project Savior for suggesting this topic. I quickly discovered that this topic goes way beyond a single blog post, but I will do my best to try and do the subject justice. When I first started to look into this subject, I noticed that with the vast amount of resources and the numerous angles that this subject could be approached, I would quickly be suffering from information overload. So, I've decided to just pass along the information that seems to be consistent in many of the cattle mutilation cases (my disclaimer for writing a "strained" article on the subject. As you can tell, I'm not very happy with how this turned out). Also, please understand that I will not be listing what parts of the animal are removed.

So, why exactly are these cases making the news? I understand that this is a horrible act of cruelty and those that perpetrate it are hopefully caught and punished; However, those cases are the ones that don't fall into the Alien cattle mutilation category. What's the difference? Well, it has to do with how the mutilation is actually done and what is and is NOT present at the discovery scene.

Since 1967, there have been more than 10,000 (average of 233 per year)* reported cases of cattle mutilation, worldwide. Although these incidents occur worldwide, Colorado seems especially plagued. In 1975, ranchers on the state's Eastern Plains, particularly around southern Elbert County, reported more than 200 mysteriously mutilated cattle.1

In 1979, the Governor of New Mexico asked the FBI to investigate a rash of cattle mutilations and he stated that since the mutilations have crossed state lines from Colorado to New Mexico, it now fell into federal jurisdiction. After investigating, the FBI stated that the mutilations were a result of predators and scavengers.2

Is the FBI correct? Before you answer that, let me give you a little more information on what is found at the mutilation sites...

■ Animals are completely drained of blood (eviscerated)and no blood is present on the underside of any peeled skin

■ The incisions are made with surgical precision and are cauterized

■ No blood is present at the scene

"■ Sometimes there’s radioactivity present, sometimes not.

■ No tracks into or out of the mutilation site.

■ No signs of a struggle.

■ Many say it’s as if the animal was laid there, already dead."3

We could conclude from this, that the actual mutilation did not occur where the animal was eventually found. It would also indicate that whomever performed the act, had a knowledge of animal anatomy and was skilled in dissection. You can also deduce that once the dissection was complete, the animal was dropped at another site in such a way as to not leave any tracks. This would suggest that an aircraft, possibly a helicopter, could have been used to transport the animal.

This brings me to a possible question: why not just leave the animal at the mutilation site? Why go to the extreme trouble (these animals weigh several hundred pounds) and risk the possibility of getting caught, by transporting it to another area? In a case in Montana, there were several houses nearby the discovery scene and no one reported seeing or hearing any aircraft.4

Okay, what about it being a predator attack? Without going into the fact that the parts were surgically removed, there is the lack of blood around the animal, which would rule that out. Also, we are dealing with ranchers here and they, more than anyone, know what a predator attack looks like.

Here's another theory I came across: the Gasbuggy Site-Black Helicopter Theory:

A 1967 underground nuclear explosion at Gasbuggy near Bloomfield, N.M., was supposed to unlock a wealth of natural gas beneath the San Juan Basin.

Instead, it contaminated the ground and water, and sent radioactive particles into the Northern New Mexico atmosphere. Prevailing westerly winds continue to bring those radionuclides into our area.

As unclear about airborne dangers as it was about underground contamination, a secret corner of the federal government initiated a longterm study in the 1970s on the health impact of airborne radioactive exposure. To do so, they needed tissue samples to test. Cattle, with their close DNA link to humans and docile nature, were deemed the best sources.

But anyone can see that openly killing cows for research would be ethically and politically problematic. So, black helicopters come in under shroud of night, scoop up cows from below, excise the samples, lay the otherwise healthy cows back on the ground and fly away.5

"Despite the theories, no mutilation has ever been thoroughly explained."6

So, do you think the FBI was correct or do you think they came to those conclusions for another reason?

While trying to figure out how to write this, I did come-up with a few a areas that might be worth pursuing:

Are there connections between Alien Cattle Mutilations and...

  • UFO Sightings

  • Crop Circles

  • Alien Abductions

  • Proximity to Nuclear Power Plants/Uranium mines

  • Latitude/Longitude

  • Convergence of Magnetic Fields

  • Economic/Political upheavals

Oh well, something to ponder.

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  1. Okay, this is a different topic. How horrible that this happens but the circumstances are really odd.

  2. BeadedTail: I know, it was a suggestion I received from a previous post and I wanted to see if I could actually do it. I've seen a lot of the pictures and read the descriptions and I agree, it is horrible that anybody would do something like this.

  3. Very interesting. It does seem like there should be an easy explanation but when you look at all the facts you do have to wonder

  4. I actually just threw out the weirdest thing I could think of for a suggestion, but you did a great job.
    Better than most of the stuff that comes up in the first few pages of a google search on the subject.
    Kudos for taking my weird joke and turning serious, I stand humbled.

  5. Ann: It is very strange and it seems to have everyone scratching their heads.

    Project Savior: Thank you. I knew you weren't serious, but I wanted to see if I could actually do it. I needed a challenge this week. Thanks again for the idea.


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