04 March 2010

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls Gift Pack Giveaway

One of the nice things that I like about Sunday mornings is that it gives us a chance, as a family, to just take it easy and spend some quality time together. On those Sundays when we don't go to church, we take the relaxation-thing up a notch and do something different. Most of the time, I'll make eggs and bacon (nothing smells better first thing in the morning than bacon and coffee), but this past Sunday, I decided to try something different. I mean, this is the time for me to spend with my wife and kids, not be stuck in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. So, while at the store last week, I decided to pick-up a can of Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls and give them a try. I'm the first person to tell you that I'm not a pastry chef, so when it comes to making rolls or any type of pastry, I'm more than happy to save the time and trouble and leave the work to the experts.

I must say that I'm very glad that I did, because the one thing I really don't like to do first thing in the morning is make a mess. If I were to do this the old fashioned way, I would be dragging out the yeast, flour, powdered sugar, and butter to name just a few of the items needed, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of trying to spend time with my family. I found it much faster and easier to just open a can, separate the rolls and place the rolls in a round cake pan (which happens to be just the right size for the five rolls). I then popped them in the oven and in just twelve minutes it was time to dig-in. As they were baking, their sweet aroma permeated our house and actually managed to get our daughters out of bed, which is no small feat on the weekends. Once out of the oven, I just added the icing and enjoyed.

These rolls were quick and easy to make and I have to say that they tasted fantastic. Warm from the oven, I took the first bite and it was so tender, it actually began to melt in my mouth. While my wife and daughters enjoyed their rolls with a glass of cold milk, I had mine with a fresh cup of hot coffee. Now, from my experience there are two ways to eat these rolls: you can either dive right in and take a bite or you can unroll them and nibble away. I happen to be an unroller. I like to unroll it little by little until just the center is left and then I pop it into my mouth and the deed is done.

I like to think that spending moments like this with my family is like storing memories for later. My daughters are growing all too quickly and in a few years, they'll be away at college and living their own lives. We really enjoy our times together and I like to think that maybe they'll look back fondly on these moments.

As you could tell from the title of this post, Pillsbury is giving away free gift packs and I would like to pass one along to a lucky reader. If you would like to participate in this giveaway, just submit your favorite Sunday Morning Moment along with any pictures you wish to include. I will then post your entries here, along with a link to your site. Once the winner is chosen, I'll send your mailing information to Blogspark and Pillsbury, who will send you the gift pack.

To tempt you further, here is another photo of some cinnamon rolls we also made...

Legal stuff...As you may have guessed, Pillsbury provided me with a free sample of the rolls, information, and the gift pack through MyBlogSpark


  1. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: Me too. They were SO good! It was worth the extra time on the Total Gym :)

  2. Do you think your wife and kids would mind if I showed up for breakfast this Sunday?....lol Those rolls do look good. I've had the cinnamon ones and I do like them, never tried the orange ones.

  3. Ann: You are more than welcome and be sure to bring Duke. He can play with Koko and Yum Yum :)
    Oh, the orange ones are fantastic!

  4. My boys love these rolls. The picture looks so good I think I can smell them. I know what I'm making tomorrow morning :)

  5. B Boys Mom: My family just loves these and they leave the house smelling terrific :)

  6. I blame you for the 4 of them I consumed yesterday. LOL! But they were soooooo good!


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