14 March 2010

Taco Pizza

photo of my taco pizza

We didn't have any taco shells, so I decided to breakout the old pizza starter instead, so I guess that you can call this being pseudo-frugal, As you can see from the shape, I've given up, for now, on the round pizza variety and decided to play it safe and just form the dough into the shape of the baking tray. Hey, on the highway of life, if it's easy, I'll take that off-ramp.

I pre-bake the crust (you can use the pizza dough recipe from My Pizza Dough Recipe and after it cools, I slather on the sour cream and then sprinkle the cheese over the top. I cook the meat and once it cools, I spread that over the top and then cover with the remaining cheese and bake.

Anyway, here's the cost breakdown of this meal:
Sour Cream...$1.50
Spices...I have no idea, but it's under $1.00 (I make my own taco seasoning)

Total...$10.48 (I just added the $1.00 for the seasoning)

Okay, I can see that you might be saying, "what's so frugal about that???" That's kind of pricey for a meal. Well, I would have to agree, but this wonderful pizza provided three meals for my family. The per-meal cost for each person was: $1.16.
($10.48 / 3 people= $3.49 / 3 nights = $1.16)...not too bad, actually.


  1. That looks really good! My husband makes taco pizza from time to time too. He uses salsa as the sauce and that's really good too. Isn't it great that there's so many ways to make pizza? Still can't believe you don't eat it!

  2. BeadedTail: That's a great idea to use the salsa for the sauce! I'll have to keep that in mind.
    I know, but it's more pizza for them.

  3. nipsy: I'm still new to the pizza dough thing, so the crust is thicker than I would like. Also, there's just under a pound and a half of meat on the pizza and that, in addition to the cheese (almost like a deep dish pizza), makes each slice quite a bit to eat.
    On a side note, I fully expected them to take more than one slice, but they were full after only one (the slices are quite large).

  4. Pizza and tacos, what a winning combination. That sounds really good. I may have to try that the next time I make pizza. The price breakdown is pretty good. I would say you did a good job with this one :)

  5. Dori: Thank you, thy really enjoyed it.

    Ann: Thank you, the family really liked it and I basically made the pizza the same way I usually make the tacos. It ended up being really thick, so even one piece turned-out to be quite filling.

  6. I'm not much for sour cream and tacos stuff, but I LOVE your frugal ways!

    P.S. If you have a bread machine, you can make the pizza dough yourself. Then, shape the dough into "pre-made" crusts, and freeze for easy use later.

    Rebecca @FreakyFrugalite.com

  7. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: It just so much easier :)

    Mrs Mecomber: Thank you. We don't have a bread machine, so I end up using our mixer to knead the dough. Thank you VERY much for that tip. I didn't know you could freeze it and use it later (I'm still new at this frugal-thing).

  8. Yummieeeeeeeee....
    My Dad cooks also sometimes
    for my Mommy :-)

    HUgs Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Anya: That's great! What type of things does he like to cook?

  10. What I wanna know is how the heck did you stretch that to THREE meals? Great idea by the way..

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    14 March, 2010 23:26


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