21 March 2010

Writing Roundup

I'm looking for ideas...
photo of Yum Yum staring out the screen door

Yes, I am once again searching for something new to write about. Although, I have been doing a few articles on frugality, I'm bored and want to write on something else (look a squirrel). I plan to go back and continue this series a little later, but since this is Spring Break and I'm going to have a little extra time to do research, I want to try something new.

So, to help give my brain a much-needed workout, I would like you to suggest some topics that you would like to have me write about. It can be on just about anything: Bigfoot, home repair and maintenance, landscaping, cooking, product comparisons, or even zombies. In short, try and stump me.


  1. Cute photo!

    How about writing about fun things to do in the great state of Idaho? I've driven through Idaho but didn't venture far off the interstate so would love to know what all there is to see.

  2. alien cattle mutilation always a fav.

  3. BeadedTail: My wife tried to get a picture when they were both looking out, but when she turned the camera on, Koko walked away.
    Thank you, I'll look into this.

    Project Savior: I would have never thought of this one. Sounds good to me.

  4. I vote zombies! ;)

    I'm totally for any home repair posts or tips since obviously we have a house with issues here. :)

  5. I'm currently having some computer issues and would love some solutions:
    (1) why did I lose my Java plug-in or whatever it's called. I used to be able to play games on pogo.com and now it says I need to install Java (which I tried doing) but it still doesn't work and I still get the same message--AAARRRGGH!

    (2) My Flip software won't open. I tried reinstalling it with no success. Haven't a clue what's up with that either. I even tried deleting some of the videos I had on my computer to free up more space and even that didn't help. I'm so bummed about this!

    (3) How do you know when it's time to get a new computer? If I did get a new computer, it seems like an awfully big chore having to copy stuff I want saved first and then reloading it onto my new computer. Also, any suggestions what to do with my old computer?

    (4) Home maintenance is always good.

  6. First I have to say you cracked me up with the (look a squirrel) right in the middle of your paragraph. I loved it

    Subjects hmmm let me see, I seem to have a problem with that one myself but what about

    top ten lists
    -most commonly misspelled words
    -things to do on a budget
    oh I don't know my brain isn't working

  7. Hi, i am happy to comment and drop my entrecard here. Anyway, could you please post about radical games? I wrote about X-Games..my friend told me that it's make a bad effect to kids...do u agree with him? thanks.

  8. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: Great, me too!
    Anything in particular. I've done most everything when it comes to maintenance, so just let me know and I'll do my best.

    Karen & Gerard Zemek: Okay, I'll start working on these for you.

    Ann: Thanks :)
    Great suggestions, I'll start work on these as well.

    Positive: Thank you for the suggestion. I'll be happy to write on it.


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