19 April 2010

Hacked Gmail Accounts

Two of my Blogger friends have had their Gmail accounts hacked today. I do have a Gmail account, but I never use it. If you receive ANY Gmails addressed from me please DO NOT open any links and let me know, so I can report it. Thank you


  1. oh my, thanks for the warning. I have a gmail account. I'll have to keep an eye on it

  2. Ann: I've seen this happen to one person a few months ago, but to hear of two people I know in the same day, puts up a red flag for me.

  3. Wonder what is going on lately with so many hacked accounts and blogs? Just a shame this has to happen. Thanks for the warning.

  4. Mountain Woman: I heard through MSN that Google got pirated in January and a lot of stuff was hacked. They only released the news yesterday that part of what was stolen were the passwords to Gmail accounts.


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