05 April 2010

A New Template

photo of Koko and Yum Yum sleeping

Well, if you're viewing this, then you are seeing what my new template looks like. I know, it looks basically the same as the last one, but what can I say, I'm not artistic. Anyway, for the past several days, I've been working to customize it for my site, which meant coding it so it looks the same in IE as it does in every other browser out there.

The last thing that I ended up doing was tweaking the code for the new "print this page" feature I added. Once I got it working in Firefox, I began editing it to keep the footer and other extraneous things from printing; you know, to save my visitors paper (my contribution to the Going Green. Aren't you proud?). Naturally, when I was finished, I tried it in IE and it didn't print anything. Gee, imagine my surprise! So, off to play with conditional statements to get the dumb thing to work in IE. After several hours of playing, I discovered that I was using the wrong conditional statement. I should have been using the "Not IE" statement, instead of the "if IE" statement. I know, I'm babbling here, so let me just say that it works fairly well in IE and here's what it looks like:

photo of print css code

Once my eyes uncross, I'll go back in and do some additional formatting, but for now I think that I'll leave it as is.


  1. I see the difference. I love, love, love your cats!

  2. Michelle: Thank you, I'll let them know :)

  3. I'll check out the template the next time I visit cause right now I'm checking out Koko and Yum Yum! They are so cute!

  4. BeadedTail: I'll let them know:)
    Basically, there isn't much difference in design (I have no artistic talent). It's just that it should be faster to load.

  5. It's looking good from here tahtimbo :) I'm using Camino. That's a great idea with the print option.

  6. Garden Gnome: Thank you. I'll have to go and look into Camino. I'm always looking for something new:)

  7. I notice a difference and Duke and I both think it looks great.

  8. Ann: Thank you very much :)


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