18 May 2010

Handcrafted Jewelry from Cheryl's Purple Cow

The following featured products are brought to you by: Cheryl's Purple Cow.
The descriptions are copied from the owner's site. Please click on the title or the large image to be taken to their site and the product of your choice.

Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace
Right Angle Weave (RAW)(removed dead link)

photo of crystal heart necklace
multiple photos of crystal heart necklacemultiple photos of crystal heart necklaceThe gorgeous crystal heart pendant literally sparkles. I made it using Swarovski Crystal 4mm bicones. I just love the 3D effect that the Right Angle Weave (RAW) stitch can provide.

This necklace says "I Love You" whether you give it for Valentines Day or any other day of the year.

This necklace and pendant is available in different sizes and colors. Please convo me to find out when your custom necklace can be ready.

This necklace has been made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements.

Green Organ Donation Awareness Ribbon Crystal Bracelet

photo of green organ awareness donation bracelet
multiple photos of green organ awareness donation braceletmultiple photos of green organ awareness donation braceletI used Swarovski peridot bicones along with clear glass coin beads with green awareness ribbons to make this bracelet. The clasp and findings are sterling silver.

This bracelet can be altered to accommodate a medic alert ID if you request it.

Green Awareness Ribbons represent the following causes:
Organ Donation
Celiac Disease
Bipolar Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Mental Health
Environmental Concerns
Kidney Cancer, Disease. Donation

For a more complete list of Awareness Colors and the Causes they represent see the chart on my blog: Cheryl's Purple Cow Blog

I donate a portion of my Awareness sales to support Awareness.

Please see my shop policies for details.

Please Remember to include the length for your bracelet in the message to seller

Chalcedony Nugget Pendant Necklace

photo of chalcedony nugget pendant necklace
multiple photos of chalcedony nugget pendant necklacemultiple photos of chalcedony nugget pendant necklaceWire Wrapped Semi-Raw Chalcedony Nugget Pendant Necklace

I love the look of this chalcedony nugget. It is mostly black with white striations. It makes a gorgeous focal pendant.

The pendant measures 40mm from the top of the loop to the bottom of the pendant. It is between 22mm and 26 mm wide.

I wire wrapped the nugget and used a leather cord to complement the dark color in the chalcedony.

The necklace length is unfinished, waiting to be fitted for you.

Please Remember to include the length for your necklace in the message to seller

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  1. Cool stuff. The shop name reminds me of a poem I learned when I was in first grade.
    I never saw a purple cow
    and I never hope to see one
    But I can tell you any how
    I'd rather see than be one

  2. Wonderful feature! Cheryl has lovely jewelry and does so much to support charities with her awareness items!

  3. Thank you for writing such a great feature on my shop.

    Ann, that is where I got the name. My best friend in Jr High gave me a purple cow with that poem on it.

  4. These are really nice! I love the nugget pendant!

  5. How Cool.. btw, Happy Birthday Cheryl!


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