15 May 2010

High-Rise Window Washers

While waiting for the bus, my wife captured this shot of the Wells Fargo building with her cell phone. If you look up at the very top, you can see the window washers.These guys are just sitting there and swinging away on a chair-type apparatus, while working. My hat's off to them, because there is NO WAY I would do this..

photo of window washers on the roof of a high-rise

...and yes, the building edge is that sharp.


  1. That is some scary S*#@! I can't even look out a window from that far up without throwing up.

  2. That's even scary to look at from my computer chair!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. That is a really cool photo. Those guys are nuts. No way would I be up there.

  4. They couldn't pay me enough for me to do that!

  5. Cinnamon-Girl: You can say that again! I never had a problem with heights until I fell off a roof. Ever since then, it's a battle for me to climb ladders, etc.

    Furkidsmom: I know, you can be sure I wouldn't be doing it.

    Ann: Thanks, it was taken from my wife's phone. I agree, there is no way I would be up there.

    BeadedTail: Same here. I don't do windows :)

  6. It really makes me thankful for the job I have when I see what some others have. I work in a tall building like that too and see those guys at work.

  7. Karen & Gerard Zemek: Although I wouldn't want to have their job, I do like to watch them work.


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