28 June 2010

FlatBread Pizza

I am in the process of researching Biga, which is an Italian bread starter. I'm planning on trying my hand at baking some rustic breads. So, while I delve into the wonderful world of rustic breads (and clean the BBQ, so we can actually use it this summer), let me share something The Boss did this weekend...

My wife met-up with some of her friends this weekend and had lunch at the FlatBread Community Oven. They are the only Neapolitan pizzeria in Idaho to be certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, and one of only 28 restaurants in the United States to carry the certification. They bake their pizzas in a 900 degree wood-fired oven.1

She ordered the CAPRICCIOSA, which has: Fior di Latte (type of mozzarella), Artichoke Hearts, Herbed Portabello, Olives, Prosciutto, Fresh Basil, and Pomodoro (sauce).
Here's a shot of the pizza she ordered...

photo of flatbread pizza

1FlatBread Pizza


  1. I have no idea how to even pronounce most of those words but I do know that pizza looks delicious.

  2. Ann: Me either, I had to Google the words to find out what they meant :)

  3. Hi
    You are the 1st place winner of the E-Cookbook. I'll be

  4. That pizza looks very good! Boise must have the corner on yummy pizzas!

  5. Ask Ms. Recipe: Wow, that's great! Thank you very much!

    BeadedTail: It's fantastic! She brought me a piece and it's great. Although, I'm more of a carnivore and like more meat :)

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