02 June 2010

Puppets and Plays

When I was in the sixth grade, I started going to summer school just about every year. The first year I went, I took a class called Puppets and Plays. Basically, we all made our own puppets and then we got into groups and wrote a play, which we would then perform for the class. Our group decided to do a fun sketch using the song, The Streak by Ray Stevens. I was lucky enough to play the news announcer. It was so popular, that we went "on the road" to other classrooms to perform it.

Found in the bottom of my drawer, here's the puppet that I made for the class...

photo of the puppet I made

Yep, I'm scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel for things to write about.


  1. School used to be fun like that. I didn't see the creative projects much at all anymore my last few years of teaching. Of course they still do some, but it's mostly math, science, a little english repeat ad nauseum.

  2. Michelle: I know, those programs are usually the first to go and I remember having so much fun in that class.
    I just read a few weeks ago about a drama teacher at my old high school. She was hired just a few years ago and in just that short time, the enrollment in the class went from around 70 to over 180. After this year, she no longer has a job.

  3. You may think you're scraping bottom but I think the puppet is adorable. I remember that song, it was hysterical. I just heard it last weekend as a matter of fact. We were flipping through different stations and it was on.

  4. What a great memory that puppet represents! We're MOL @ the "on the road" part!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. That's a very creative puppet! What a fun memory of the play and then the tour!

  6. The Redhead Riter: Thank you :)

    Ann: Thank you. I know, that song is great and it went so well with our play.

    Furkidsmom: I know, it was a lot of fun to take the play and go to different classes.

    BeadedTail: Thank you. It was a blast to do :)


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