11 August 2010

Birds of a Feather...

flock together...
photo of birds roosting on our tomato cages

As seen through our window screen...
photo of birds roosting on our tomato cages

These were taken from our bedroom window right after a rainstorm came through.


  1. Koko and Yum Yum have a pawesome channel to watch on the Birdie Network!

  2. Split Rock Ranch: Thank you! It was funny to see ll those birds gathered on our tomato cages.

    BeadedTail: Yes, they have a great channel to watch. What I wasn't able to get in the picture were the doves that were sunning themselves on the retaining wall stones. They go there everyday and it is so funny, because there will be one dove on every other stone.

  3. wow, look at all those birds. no wonder my back yard has been so empty, they all went to your place for a bird convention :)

  4. Ann: And they're eating us out of house and home, too :)



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