18 September 2010

A Visit from Rocky Raccoon

Last night, we had an unexpected visitor come to our backyard and dine from our squirrel feeder...

Sorry about the quality of the photos, but in order to even be able to see him, we had to have a long exposure (almost 2 minutes. Yes, we have a cheap camera) on each picture. Since it was such a long exposure and Rocky (yes, I named him Rocky. Catchy, huh?) did not cooperate in remaining still, they are kinda fuzzy.

Hey, I'm eattin over here...
photo of Rocky Raccoon

Talk to the tail...
photo of Rocky Raccoon

Well, time to go...
photo of Rocky Raccoon


  1. We saw a raccoon in the park today! I wish I had my camera with me but didn't. We saw a lot of deer too! I like that you named the coon Rocky--good name for him!

  2. Rocky has a tail that looks like my Sister Gracie's tail...but don't tell her I said that!

  3. now that is too funny. Poor little guy was hungry.

  4. Rocky's squirrel disguise isn't very good, anyone can plainly see he's a raccoon :)

  5. Well that would be quite a surprise to see Rocky eating out of the squirrel feeder! Wonder if he'll keep coming back and bring his friends?

  6. Karen and Gerard: That sounds like a great park you have there. It's usually the same with me: I never have a camera when I need one.

    Brian: Your secret is safe with me. Gracie won't here it from me :)

    Stacey: He sure was. He stayed for over an hour.

    Ann: ...and he even wore a mask, so we couldn't recognize him :-)

    BeadedTail: I was pretty shocked. When I looked outside, The last thing I expected to see was a raccoon.



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