30 November 2010

All Boxed-Up for the Holidays

A few weeks ago, we brought out the boxes to begin decorating and of course, they had to be inspected first...

photo of Yum Yum in a box

What's Yum Yum up to? Look into her eyes...whatever it is, she's up to no good.


  1. With her lasers on she's just daring someone to try to take HER box!

  2. Whaddya mean she's up to no good! She is making sure all the decorations are still, uh, decorative.

  3. BeadedTail: I know what you mean. She actually claimed the box as hers and slept in it. As a result, I left it inside for a few days :)

    Sparkle the Designer Cat: You're right, she batted some of the decorations around and had a fine old time. Then, when she got tired, she made herself comfy and went to sleep. Oh, what a life :)

  4. Looks to me like she's just giving the decorations a full cat scan to make sure they are still in good condition :)

  5. But box inspecting is one of the most impawtant jobs ever!!!

  6. you know they're just like kids aren't they? you can but toy after toy and what do they prefer? Boxes...too cute!!


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