23 December 2010

Friday Fotos: 12/24

Yep, I'm a fan of Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs...

a funny pun of a microwave with Mike Rowe wave
courtesy of... somuchpun.com

Going green...

photo of a car with a green twig attached to it. Their idea of going green
courtesy of... funnypictures.com

It's COLD...

photo of a squirrel with what looks like a mowhawk
courtesy of... pyzam.com

Quick, duck...

photo of a duck peeking over an edge with caption peeking duck
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com


  1. Hahahaha! Those made me laugh out loud! Very funny!

    Hope you and your family has a Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. BeadedTail: That's great, I'm glad you liked them.
    Than you very much! We hope that you and your family have a great Christmas Eve, too!

  3. Oh those are funny. Love the peeking duck...lol


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