17 January 2011

Finals, Yum Yum, and Weight Loss

I've been busy the past few weeks helping the kidlets finish their schoolwork for the semester and studying for their final exams (all comprehensive, so they need to know everything they learned in each of their classes for the entire semester. Oh, and NO NOTES are allowed) later this week. With that being said, here is what I feel like...

photo of Yum Yum sleeping under a blanket

As to the weight loss: I know I don't write about it much anymore, but I am still losing the fat, although I still weigh about the same as I did last year...around 205. I am thinking that since I am still strength training, the lack of weight loss (actual pounds) is due to the muscle I am continuing to build. I can tell that the fat is leaving, but ever-so slowly.

Well, I guess I better get back to the books, so I can try and remember everything I taught this semester. I hope you all have a great week and I'll see you on Friday Fotos.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have a cat's life even if for a day or two? Good luck to your kids on their finals! Congrats on your continued whittling away the fat!

  2. Good luck to the little one's. You are going to have to take a break after all that preparation for the testing.
    Hope kidlets all do well.

  3. Studying would make me feel the same way.
    I've got to start on some kind of regular exercise thing. I just have such a hard time getting myself going. It does seem strange when you're doing all that and gaining weight but muscle does weigh more than fat

  4. BeadedTail: Thank you! From what they are telling me, they feel pretty good about how they did. I guess her history test alone was 70 questions long.

    Grampy: Thank you, I'll let them know. Luckily, this semester, they are giving us 2 days off next week before they start the next semester.

    Ann: I know, I hate scales! I've been trying to keep a regular schedule this week, but its been hard. Hopefully next week, I can get back on track.


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