10 February 2011

Friday Fotos: 2/11

Answer after the last foto...

photo/pun of a jar as a door...this door is a jar
courtesy of... somuchpun.com

Last week it was squirrels, this week it's deer. They are all coming for us...

photo of a deer staring through a window
courtesy of... lolpix.com

Is it me or is that driveway just a little steep...

photo of a very steep driveway
courtesy of... failblog.org

This is SO true...

photo of a cat sitting in the middle of a bag
courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com

Answer: This door is ajar


  1. Another pun I didn't get. I'm not good at those I guess. We have steep driveways around here but that is certainly a fail! The kitty is funny and so true!

  2. LOL! This is a good one. Love the twist of the word. The answer is right in the first picture actually (which I didn't get, again).

  3. I couldn't figure that first one out. I kept thinking cherries and never even gave the jar a thought.
    That is one steep driveway, I would hate to try and drive up that in the middle of winter. Around here you would never make it


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