22 August 2011

A Bird in the Hand...

My wife and kids went to Hummingbird Banding Day in Pearl Idaho a few weeks ago and here is photo of our oldest, holding a hummingbird that had just been banded. The hummingbird will lay there for a few seconds before flying off. Thanks again to Debbie from Boise Daily Photo for inviting us...

photo of Katie holding a hummingbird


  1. Thanks for the shout out Tim. I sure hope your family, including YOU, can come along next year.

  2. Debbie: Yes, they are already looking forward to it and I definitely want to go next year!

  3. I bet that was a wonderful experience! But how in the world do you catch a hummingbird to band it?

  4. I never heard of hummingbird banding. That must have been very interesting and how cool to get to hold the hummingbird. not many people can say they did that

  5. BeadedTail: It certainly was! They use a feeder in a cage and when a hummingbird flies in to feed, they pull a string (fishing line) and it closes the door. Then a volunteer reaches in and catches the bird. I'll try and post photos of the cage in the next few days.

    Ann: I hadn't either until Debbie invited us. My wife and kids really had a blast watching them. They use really tiny bands :) I WILL be going next year.
    I know, that is exactly what I told them when they came back.


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