15 December 2011

Friday Fotos: 12/16

Yea!! I finally have some time to at least do a Friday Fotos!! This Chemistry stuff is a killer! Anyway, in the last few days of the semester, so hopefully I can have some free time to catch-up on my site and visit some of yours :)
Have a great weekend!!

Let's throw another...

photo of a shrimp on top of a Barbie doll...throw another shrimp on the barbie

courtesy of... somuchpun.com
***Answer after last photo***


photo of amazing chalk art

courtesy of... failblog.org

photo of robot using an escalator...in America, even killer robots don't use the stairs

courtesy of...very demotivational.com

Too true...

photo of the most interesting cat

courtesy of... icanhascheezburger.com

***Answer: Throw another shrimp on the Barbie

1 comment:

  1. darn, I didn't get the first one. I should have but I didn't :)


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