27 March 2012

A Cat with a Plan

Obviously, Yum Yum has the right idea today...

photo of Yum Yum sleeping on a blanket

It just amazes me the positions she ends up sleeping in. Oh well, enough playing, it's time to get back to work. Spring Break means getting caught up on the assignments the kidlets didn't get done when they should have. So, instead of trying to fix a virus-ridden computer, I get to help them with their assignments and labs.
You know, Yum Yum's idea is looking better and better all the time.


  1. Love the curled up tail! Yum Yum is such a cutie and she's obviously smarter than us by napping the day away!

  2. BeadedTail: She gets into the most interesting positions. I just need to have the camera nearby so I can get them.
    I agree, I know I felt like napping :)

  3. I wish I could have spent the day like that. I often wonder how cats can possibly be comfortable in the positions they lay in

  4. Ann: Me too! I've even seen her sleeping with her head totally off of the couch and angled toward the floor. I just HAVE to get some pictures of that :)


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