02 March 2012

I Think We're Going to Need a Bigger Feeder

Yes, I was thinking of that famous line from Jaws when I wrote this. But, it's true! You can see, these ducks climbing all over each other trying to get at the food; quaking up a storm and just being, well...ducks.

photo of ducks eating from our feeder

In the photos, you can see some of the ducks running toward the camera and the other feeders, where there were an additional eight or so ducks gobbling down some food. We get this "duck convention" at least twice a day now, with more coming all the time. Usually it is 20 + ducks at the morning and evening feedings, with a few stragglers flying in throughout the day.

photo of ducks eating from our feeder

This is in addition to the plethora of other birds and squirrels that filter in throughout the day. Oh, and let's not forget the Starlings, who have just recently re-discovered our yard and remind me of yet another classic movie: The Birds.


  1. wow, that's a lot of ducks. Does it get a little daffy around there sometimes? :)

  2. Ann: It sure is and yesterday it almost doubled to near 40! I just don't know where they're all coming from! Yes, it definitely does get daffy here :)


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