26 May 2012

Ducks on Parade

For her Oceanography class, my oldest had to do a field study report on a body of water and she decided to it on the canal by our house. This report and the data she collected needed to span a series of six weeks. So, one day when we were taking photos and getting water samples, we came upon a mother duck and her ducklings.

We think that they're Wood Ducks...

photo of wood ducks swimming

Here's a closer look...

photo of wood ducks swimming

These guys are quite a change from the usual Mallards we usually see. Oh, and due to our POS camera that cannot seem to take decent photos in sunlight, in order for you to see them better, I had to really lighten the picture using PhotoScape.


  1. They are pretty duckies! I have never seen any like that here.

  2. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife: They really are very pretty. The photo doesn't do them justice.
    We usually only see these ducks at the higher elevations, so it was quite an unexpected pleasure to see them swimming in our canal.


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